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9 February 2001

WTO elects officers for 2001

The WTO General Council today (9 February) noted the consensus on the following slate of names of chairpersons for WTO bodies:

WTO chairpersons for 2001

General Council Mr. Stuart Harbinson (Hong Kong, China)
Dispute Settlement Body Amb. Roger Farrell (New Zealand)
Trade Policy Review Body Amb. Pekka Huhtaniemi (Finland)
Council for Trade in Goods Amb. Istvan Major (Hungary)
Council for Trade in Services Amb. Celso Amorim (Brazil)
Council for TRIPS Amb. Boniface Guwa Chidyausiku (Zimbabwe)
Committee on Trade and Environment Amb. Alejandro Jara Puga (Chile)
Committee on Trade and Development Amb. Nathan Irumba (Uganda)
Committee on Balance-of-Payments Restrictions Amb. Hernando José Gomez (Colombia)
Committee on Regional Trade Agreements Mme. Laurence Dubois-Destrizais (France)
Committee on Budget, Finance and Administration Amb. M. Supperamaniam (Malaysia)
Working Group on the Relationship between Trade and Investment Amb. Oguz Demiralp (Turkey)
Working Group on the Interaction between Trade and Competition Policy Prof. Frederic Jenny (France)
Working Group on Transparency in Government Procurement Amb. Ronald Saborío Soto (Costa Rica)

Committee on Agriculture

Amb. Apiradi Tantraporn (Thailand)
Vice-Chair Mr. Yoichi Suzuki (Japan)