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9 April 2001

Mike Moore presides over the diploma ceremony concluding the 16th WTO trade policy course

At a ceremony held in Geneva on Thursday 5 April 2001, Director-General Mike Moore presented diplomas to the participants of the 16th WTO Trade Policy Course, representing 30 countries/customs territories.

In congratulating the participants, Mr. Moore said: “I am convinced you have acquired skills that you will take back home for your respective countries' and people's interests.” Mr. Moore went on to say that while resource constraints limited the availability of places on the training courses, such activities had a meaningful impact on capacity building.

On behalf of the group of participants, Mr. Ka-shing Au, from Hong Kong, China, thanked the Director-General for the support to capacity building the WTO training activities provided. Mr. Au underlined the human dimension of the course and assured Mr. Moore that the close relationships established during the course, among the participants and with the WTO, would remain strong.

The 16th WTO Trade Policy Course, which took place from 15 January to 5 April 2001, will be followed by a similar Course held in French starting on 23 April 2001.

The list of participants is attached.

List of participants
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Bahrain Mr. Waheed Jaffar Khalil SULTAN, Acting Director, Commerce and Company Affairs Directorate, Ministry of Commerce, Manama.

Bangladesh Mr. Md. Mizanur Mizan RAHMAN, Senior Assistant Secretary, Ministry of Commerce, Dhaka

Belarus Mr. Yury Pavlovich RABKO, Foreign Trade Analyst, Department Chief, Foreign Trade Policy Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Minsk

Belize Mr. David Maurice GOMEZ, International Trade Policy Advisor, Ministry of Budget Management, Investment and Trade, Belmopan

Brazil Mrs. Vera Figueiredo MALTA, General Coordinator, International Affairs Secretariat, Ministry of Finance, Brasilia DF.

Dominica Mr. Ricardo Marcus JAMES, Trade Officer I, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Marketing, Roseau

Ethiopia Miss Eftihia MARIO, Senior Economist, Trade Registration and Licensing Department, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Addis Ababa

Gambia Mr. Saikou SAIDILY, Acting Senior Trade Economist, Trade Division, Department of State for Trade, Industry and Employment, Banjul

Georgia Mr. Levan CHITEISHVILI, Deputy Head, International Relations Division, Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Tbilisi

Hong Kong, China Mr. Ka-shing AU, Trade Officer, Regional Cooperation Division (APEC), Trade and Industry Department, Commerce and Industry Bureau, Kowloon

India Mr. Manoj JOSHI, Deputy Secretary, Department of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce, New Delhi

Jamaica Mr. Dale Elliott JONES, Foreign Service Officer I, Foreign Trade Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Kingston

Latvia Mrs. Ivita BURMISTRE, Attaché, International Economic Organisations Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Riga

Lesotho Miss Lineo LEBONA, Trade Promotion Officer, Department of Trade, Trade Promotion Unit, Ministry of Industry, Trade and Marketing, Maseru

Lithuania Mr. Raimondas ALISAUSKAS, First Secretary, Foreign Trade Policy Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Vilnius

Malta Mr. Dennis GRECH, Economics Officer, Economic Planning Division, Ministry for Economic Services, Floriana

Moldova Mr. Octavian Zaharia CALMIC, Deputy Head, WTO Division, Ministry of Economy and Reforms, Chisinau

Saint Kitts and Nevis Miss Nicola Careen ST CATHERINE, Administrative Cadet, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and CARICOM Affairs, Basseterre

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Miss Sylvonne Henrietta JACK, Economist, Trade Division, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Consumer Affairs, St. Vincent, W.I.

Saudi Arabia Mr. Saleh SHOAIB, Assistant Commercial Attaché, Office of the Representative to the WTO and Commercial Office in Geneva

Singapore Mr. Kevin Boon Hwa LIM, Country Officer (Asia-Europe Meeting), Policy, Planning and Analysis Directorate II, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore

Suriname Miss Thilde Jacqueline ELSTAK, Trade Officer at the Caricom Desk, International Economic Relations, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Paramaribo

Swaziland Mr. Newman Sizwe NTSHANGASE, Assistant Secretary, Political Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Mbabane

Chinese Taipei Mr. Hsiu-chuan Alex CHEN, Staff Member, The Third (WTO) Department, Board of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan

The Former Yugoslav Rep. of Macedonia Mr. Aleksandar DAMJANOSKI, Advisor of the Minister, Multilateral Division, Ministry of Economy, Skopje

Tonga Mr. Paulo S. KAUTOKE, Secretary, Ministry of Labour, Commerce and Industries, Nuku'alofa

Uganda Mr. Silver OJAKOL, Senior Foreign Trade Officer, Department of Trade, Ministry of Tourism, Trade and Industry, Kampala

United Arab Emirates Mr. Saeed Suwaid AL-NASIBI, Director, WTO Division, Economic Affairs Department, Ministry of Economy and Commerce, Abu Dhabi

Viet Nam Miss Nga NGUYEN THI QUYIN, Head, WTO Division, Ministry of Trade, Hanoi

Zimbabwe Mr. Samson MUTANHAURWA, Principal Administrative Officer, External Trade, Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Harare