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18 September 2001

18th WTO trade policy course begins

Government officials from 30 countries and customs territories attended yesterday the opening session of the 18th WTO Trade policy course. The brief ceremony was chaired by Mr. Ablassé Ouedraogo, Deputy Director-General of the WTO, who, on behalf of Mike Moore, welcomed all the participants.

Mr. Ouedraogo underlined that the 30 trade officials will have a unique opportunity to follow, from the inside, the work of the WTO. The Organization is presently living an important moment in its young history, with the processes of China's and Chinese Taipei's accessions in their very final stages and preparatory talks in view of the next Ministerial Conference at a critical and decisive moment in an effort to build consensus on future trade talks.

Mr. Ouedraogo stressed the efforts made by the WTO to contribute to trade-related capacity building in developing countries and economies in transition. He invited the course's participants to actively take part in the forthcoming training. He expressed his conviction that well-informed government officials constitute a determining contribution to a more vigorous and truly multilateral trading system.

Throughout the three-month training, which will end on 30th November, the 30 participating officials will become acquainted, through lectures, round-tables and simulation exercises, with virtually all activities carried out in the framework of the WTO as well as with trade-related aspects of the work conducted by other international organisations located in Geneva.

The list of participants of the 18th Trade Policy Course is annexed.

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Miss Nargiz GURBANOVA, Attaché, Department of Economic Cooperation and Development, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Baku.


Miss Julie Ann Georgina MAPP, Economist II, Division of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, St. Michael.


Miss Kelebogile Maureen LEKAUKAU, Commercial Officer I, Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, Ministry of Trade, Industry, Wildlife and Tourism, Gaborone.


Mr. Gang LIU, Trade Official, Department of International Trade and Economic Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, Beijing


Mr. Attoumane DAOUD, Chief, Division of the U.N. Specialized Institutions, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Comoros.



Mrs. Nada MINCIC, Counsellor, Foreign Economic Relations Division, Trade Policy Department, Ministry of Economy, Zagreb.



Mr. Christakis D. PAPAGEORGIOU, Planning Officer, Planning Bureau, Directorate for Macroeconomic Policy, Research and Studies, Nicosia.


Mr. Homero LARREA MONARD, Assistant to the Director General, Chancellor II, Directorate General for International Economic Negotiations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Quito.



Miss Yok Yee Yolinda CHAN, Acting Senior Economic Planning Officer, WTO Unit, Trade and Economic Section, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade, Suva.

Hong Kong, China

Ms. Soo Wai Irene TANG, Trade Officer, Textiles Controls Branch (Europe), Trade and Industry Department, Kowloon.



Mr. Hasan ALOBAIDLI, Administrative Researcher, Commercial Organizations Department, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Kuwait.

Kyrgyz Republic


Mr. Azizbek Toutogulovich SABITOV, Chief Specialist, Department of External Economic Relations, Trade and WTO Issues, Ministry of External Trade and Industry, Bishkek City.

Macau, China


Mr. Kuan Hou LEI, Economist, Research and Statistics Department, Monetary Authority of Macau, Macau.



Mr. Januario SUMBANE, Third Secretary, Directorate of Multilateral and Economic Relations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Maputo.



Mrs. Ni Ni KHIN, Assistant Director, International Trade Promotion Department, Directorate of Trade, Ministry of Commerce, Yangon.



Mr. Alfred NDABENI, Chief, Trade Promotion Officer, International Trade Department, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Windhoek.



Mr. Damodar REGMI, Section Officer, WTO Division, Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies, Kathmandu.



Mr. Akram Hassan AL-MARAZZA, Director General, Directorate General of Commerce and Industry, Dhofar Governorate, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Salalah.


Miss Cristina Elena THAYER, Chief, Section of Multilateral Trade Negotiations Affairs, Department of Legal Affairs, Vice-Ministry of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Panama.

Papua New Guinea


Mrs. Bridgette Alfred TUITALELE-KAMISH, Principal Trade Officer, Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Branch, Trade Division, Department of Trade and Industry, Waigani NCD.

Sierra Leone


Mr. Barba Brima FORTUNE, Senior Assistant Secretary, Trade Division, Ministry of Trade, Industry and State Enterprises, Freetown.

Solomon Islands


Mr. Heinz Kubau VAEKESA, Director of Trade, Trade Division, Ministry of Commerce, Employment and Trade, Honiara.

South Africa


Miss Mpho LESEKA, Assistant Director, European Union Desk, Trade Negotiations Sub-Division, Department of Trade and Industry, Pretoria.



Mr. Mohammed IBRAHIM, Director, Department of Commodities, Secretariat General for WTO, Ministry of Foreign Trade, Khartoum.

Syrian Arab Republic


Mr. Kosay MOUSTAFA, Desk Officer, Department of International Organizations and Conferences, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Damascus-Muhajereen-shora.

Chinese Taipei


Mr. Wen-cheng Martin KE, Staff Member, The Third WTO Department, Board of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taipei.


Miss Aumaporn SUTTIWONG, Trade Official, Bureau of Multilateral Trade Negotiations, Department of Business Economics, Ministry of Commerce, Bangkok.

Trinidad and Tobago


Miss Myrna Theresa HUGGINS, Foreign Service Officer II, International Organisations Division, Foreign Affairs Section, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Port of Spain.



Mr. Takhir Kemalovich ATAKHANOV, Senior Expert, Department of the Analysis and Regulation of the Foreign Trade, Ministry of Trade and Foreign Economic Relations, Ashkhabad.


Mr. Erkinjon Yakubjanovich YUNUSOV, Leading Specialist, Law Department, Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations, Tashkent.