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28 October 2001

Moore says draft texts form solid basis for ministerial negotiations

Director-General Mike Moore said today that draft texts released this weekend form the basis for constructive negotiations by Ministers when they meet for the WTO's 4th Ministerial Conference in Doha, Qatar, 9-13 November.

General Council Chairman Stuart Harbinson, Hong Kong, China, and Mr. Moore released to WTO Member Governments yesterday evening three texts for their consideration: a draft Ministerial Declaration; a draft Ministerial decision on Implementation-Related Issues and Concerns; and a draft Ministerial Declaration on intellectual property and access to medicines/public health. These texts will be transmitted to Ministers in Doha and will form the basis for negotiations during the Ministerial conference.

“These texts form a solid basis for consideration by Ministers at Doha. Differences have narrowed but there is still a lot of work for Ministers to do. Development issues are at the centre of all considerations,” Mr. Moore said.

“I congratulate the chairman, our team, Ambassadors and officials for their co-operation and for the transparent manner in which these consultations and negotiations have been managed thus far.”