2 November 2004

The Netherlands donates CHF 300,000 to WTO technical assistance

The Netherlands Government pledged, on 2 November 2004, a contribution of 300,000 Swiss Francs to the Doha Development Agenda Global Trust Fund.

The new donation made by the Netherlands Government is a response to a need to finance the Trade Policy Reviews (TPRs) of WTO poorest and most vulnerable members. This contribution will also finance the remaining implementation of technical assistance activities for 2004.

“I thank the Netherlands for its generosity,” said WTO Director-General Dr. Supachai. “The reviews of trade policy offer useful opportunities to identify more effectively the needs of the developing countries and provide technical assistance which is properly structured. For 2004, the Doha Fund is financing the TPRs of Benin and Burkina Faso, and for 2005 it will finance the TPRs of Guinea and Togo”.

With this new donation, the Netherlands Government has contributed a total of CHF 4.1 million to WTO technical assistance fund, the fifth biggest contribution to the Doha Fund since its creation after the Doha Ministerial Conference.