WTO news: what’s been happening in the WTO

1998 Press Releases

Date Title
17.12.98 Britain pledges to help developing world benefit from globalization
14.12.98 WTO adopts disciplines on domestic regulation for the accountancy sector
03.12.98 WTO Secretariat releases 1998 Annual Report
27.10.98 WTO Director-General meets Russia's Trade Minister to review WTO accession
14.10.98 Latvia to become WTO Member
14.10.98 Kyrgyz Republic to become WTO Member
06.10.98 “Beyond the Financial Crisis”
17.09.98 U.S. Government provides funding for WTO information technology project in developing countries
23.07.98 Director-General's oral press statement on China accession talks
21.07.98 Joint WTO-WIPO press release WTO and WIPO join forces to help developing countries meet year-2000 commitments on intellectual property
17.07.98 ITA II talks suspended
17.07.98 Way cleared for Kyrgyz Republic to become 133rd member of the WTO
17.07.98 Ruggiero announces enhanced WTO plan for cooperation with NGO's
09.07.98 WTO to continue work on harmonizing rules of origin
29.06.98 Work programme and timetable for negotiations agreed under the plurilateral Agreement on Government Procurement
29.06.98 WTO Members look at growing use of Internet
23.06.98 WTO signs Agreement with the Joint Vienna Institute
19.06.98 The Netherlands launch new “Hands-On WTO Work” Training Programme
02.06.98 WTO completes framework for environmental, regional and R&D subsidies
18.05.98 Switzerland Increases Funding for WTO Technical Cooperation Activities
04.05.98 WTO and the Office International des Epizooties sign cooperation agreement
19.03.98 World trade growth accelerated in 1997, despite turmoil in some asian financial markets
17.03.98 “The Coming Challenge: Global Sustainable Development for the 21st Century”
20.03.98 Electronic Commerce and the Role of the WTO
09.03.98 Ruggiero criticizes "invisible" trade barriers
04.03.98 Address by WTO Director-General
Renato Ruggiero given on 4 March 1998 in Washington D.C. to the Brookings Institution Forum "The Global Trading System: a GATT 50th Anniversary Forum".
03.03.98 Major Companies to participate in WTO Trade Facilitation Symposium
19.02.98 WTO chairpersons for 1998
17.02.98 WTO denies claims by special interests linking Ruggiero to MAI
16.02.98 More information technology products proposed for tariff elimination
06.02.98 Donation by Hong Kong, China, to the WTO Trust Fund
05.02.98 Golden Jubilee of the Multilateral Trading System
26.01.98 WTO telecoms deal will ring in the changes on 5 February 1998



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