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Agreement on Import Licensing Procedures

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The texts reproduced here do not have the legal standing of the original documents which are entrusted and kept at the WTO Secretariat in Geneva.

> Preamble
> Article 1
> Article 2
> Article 3
> Article 4
> Article 5
> Article 6
> Article 7
> Article 8


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Table of contents    back to top

I. Preamble     back to top

A. Text of the Preamble
B. Interpretation and Application of the Preamble

II. Article 1     back to top

A. Text of Article 1
B. Interpretation and Application of Article 1

1. Article 1

(a) Scope of the Licensing Agreement

(i) Application of the Licensing Agreement to tariff quota procedures

(ii) Application of the Licensing Agreement to trade outside the scope of import licensing

(iii) Import licensing rules versus administration of import licensing régimes

2. Article 1.2

(a) Interpretation
(b) Relationship with GATT provisions

3. Article 1.3

(a) Import licensing on the basis of export performance

4. Article 1.4(a)

(a) General

(b) Procedures for notification and review

III. Article 2     back to top

A. Text of Article 2
B. Interpretation and Application of Article 2

1. General

(a) Application of Article 2.2(a)(ii) and (iii) to developing country Members

IV. Article 3     back to top

A. Text of Article 3
B. Interpretation and Application of Article 3

1. Article 3.1

(a) Scope of Article 3

2. Article 3.2

3. Article 3.3

4. Article 3.5(a)

5. Article 3.5(b)

6. Article 3.5(c) and (d)

7. Article 3.5(h)

8. Article 3.5(i)

9. Article 3.5(j)

C. Relationship with other WTO Agreements

1. GATT 1994 and the Agreement on Agriculture

V. Article 4     back to top

A. Text of Article 4
B. Interpretation and Application of Article 4

1. Rules of procedure

2. Procedures for the review of notifications

3. Overlapping or duplication of notifications

VI. Article 5     back to top

A. Text of Article 5
B. Interpretation and Application of Article 5

1. General

2. Reverse notifications

VII. Article 6     back to top

A. Text of Article 6
B. Interpretation and Application of Article 6

1. Articles of the Licensing Agreement invoked in panel and Appellate Body proceedings

VIII. Article 7     back to top

A. Text of Article 7
B. Interpretation and Application of Article 7

1. Articles 7.1–7.2: Biennial reviews

2. Article 7.3: Responses to Annual Questionnaire

3. Article 7.4: Reports to the Council for Trade in Goods

IX. Article 8     back to top

A. Text of Article 8
B. Interpretation and Application of Article 8

1. Coexistence of the Agreement and the 1979 Agreement

2. Termination of the 1979 Agreement

3. Reservations

4. Procedures for notification and review

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