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“Documents and resources” provides access to the official documents of the WTO's councils and committees as well as to a range of other resources, such as trade statistics, economic research, WTO publications, videos, audio and photos. Here you can also find the “legal texts” — the body of WTO agreements that collectively form the legal framework of the WTO.

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WTO online systems

List of WTO online systems (databases/websites) which are currently in production.

Documents Online

Detailed information about the WTO's work is published in the official documents of the WTO's councils, committees, working groups etc. These are made available through the Documents Online database.

Many pages on the WTO website also contain preconfigured searches that allow you to retrieve lists of relevant documents from Documents Online and to select and download the documents of interest to you.

For information regarding documents, or to request a hard copy, please contact Documents and Information Services.

Legal texts of the WTO agreements

The WTO agreements are the founding charter of the organization and the basis for everything the WTO does.


The WTO provides quantitative information in relation to economic and trade policy issues. Its data-bases and publications provide access to data on trade flows, tariffs, non-tariff measures (NTMs) and trade in value added.  

Economic research, analysis

  The WTO provides economic analysis and research that aims to deepen understanding about trends in trade, trade policy issues and the multilateral trading system. Its annual publications include the World Trade Report and World Trade Statistical Review. The WTO organizes economic seminars and cooperates with other international organizations and the academic community through co-publications, conferences, courses and other events.


The WTO produces a wide range of publications on various trade-related issues. The vast majority of these publications may be downloaded from the WTO website while printed copies can be purchased through the Online Bookshop and the WTO Bookshop in Geneva.


Explore this page to discover the full range of WTO videos covering events and conferences, debates and interviews about trade topics and films about the WTO.  


WTO publishes audio material from press conferences and certain meetings. You can listen to individual audio files (in mp3 format) by clicking the links.

Photo galleries

Photos displayed within the galleries shown below may be freely downloaded and reproduced as long as proper attribution is given. Unless otherwise indicated, the photos are copyright of the WTO.


Key information about the WTO and world trade is displayed in the maps listed below. This includes information on membership of the WTO and various trade agreements, disputes between WTO members, and world trade flows.

RSS news feeds

RSS news feeds allow you to receive WTO news directly to your desktop as soon as it is published, without you having to visit the WTO website. RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication”.

WTO distance learning

The WTO offers a number of interactive training modules on WTO subjects. Each module is built on course material developed by WTO experts and includes a number of interactive tests to assess the user's progress.

WTO library

With nearly 40,000 monographs, more than 1,000 periodicals, and over 800 current yearbooks, the Library is the depository of GATT/WTO official documents and publications dating back to the Havana Charter, and has a comprehensive collection of national statistics from Member and non-Member countries.

Please note that some features of this system are designed for use by WTO staff and are only accessible to those within the WTO network.


WTO Terminology Database (opens a new window)

WTOTERM is the database for translators where you can find the terminology of the organisation in its three official languages. WTOTERM currently contains more than 10,000 terms and is updated regularly. 


A guide to “WTO speak”. When you click on a term, an explanation will appear.  

Guide to downloading

The WTO website offers a range of information, guides, documents and videos which can be downloaded in various electronic formats. This page explains the difference between these formats.   


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