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Agreement on Textiles and Clothing

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The texts reproduced here do not have the legal standing of the original documents which are entrusted and kept at the WTO Secretariat in Geneva.

> General
> Preamble
> Article 1
> Article 2
> Article 3
> Article 4
> Article 5
> Article 6
> Article 7
> Article 8
> Article 9
> Annex


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Table of contents     back to top

I. General     back to top

II. Preamble     back to top

A. Text of the Preamble
B. Interpretation and Application of the Preamble

III. Article 1     back to top

A. Text of Article 1
B. Interpretation and Application of Article 1

1. General: Purpose and interpretation of the ATC

IV. Article 2     back to top

A. Text of Article 2
B. Interpretation and Application of Article 2

1. General

2. Article 2.1

3. Article 2.4

(a) Jurisprudence

(b) TMB statements

4. Article 2.17

V. Article 3     back to top

A. Text of Article 3
B. Interpretation and Application of Article 3

1. General

2. Article 3.1

(a) “restrictions”

VI. Article 4     back to top

A. Text of Article 4
B. Interpretation and Application of Article 4

VII. Article 5     back to top

A. Text of Article 5
B. Interpretation and Application of Article 5

1. General

2. Article 5.4

(a) ”appropriate action, to the extent necessary to address the problem”

(b) “Members concerned may agree on other remedies in consultation”

3. Article 5.6

VIII. Article 6     back to top

A. Text of Article 6
B. Interpretation and Application of Article 6

1. General

(a) Elements of Article 6

(b) Notification as an element of a valid safeguard measure

(c) Scope and basis of review

(i) Jurisprudence

(ii) TMB statements

(d) Burden of proof

(e) Specificity of data

2. Article 6.2

(a) General

(b) “a particular product is being imported”

(c) “in such increased quantities”

(d) “serious damage, or actual threat thereof”

(i) Concepts of “serious damage, or actual threat thereof”

(ii) Indicators of serious damage: changes in firm output

(iii) Choice of investigation period

(e) “the domestic industry producing like and/or directly competitive products”

(i) Product-oriented definition of domestic industry

(ii) “producing”

(iii) “directly competitive products”

(iv) “and/or”

(v) TMB statements

(f) Causation

(i) “demonstrably”

(ii) Lag in investigation period

3. Article 6.3

(a) List of conditions in Article 6.3

4. Article 6.4

(a) Steps preceding the attribution of serious damage to individual Members

(b) Attribution requirements

(i) First requirement: only those Members from whom imports have shown a sharp and substantial increase

(ii) Second requirement: comparative analysis

5. Article 6.6

(a) Article 6.6(d)

6. Article 6.7

7. Article 6.10

8. Article 6.11

(a) “highly unusual and critical circumstances”

9. Relationship with Article 2.4

10. Relationship with other WTO Agreements

(a) Article III.2 of the GATT 1994

(b) Article X:2 of the GATT 1994

IX. Article 7     back to top

A. Text of Article 7
B. Interpretation and Application of Article 7

X. Article 8     back to top

A. Text of Article 8
B. Interpretation and Application of Article 8

1. General

2. Role of the TMB

3. Article 8.1

(a) “The TMB shall consist of a Chairman and 10 members.”

(b) TMB members “discharge […] their functions on an ad personam basis”

4. Article 8.2

(a) “The TMB shall develop its own working procedures”

(b) “consensus within the TMB”

5. Article 8.3

(a) Standard of review

6. Article 8.9

7. Article 8.10

8. Article 8.11

(a) “a major review before the end of each stage of the integration process”

XI. Article 9     back to top

A. Text of Article 9
B. Interpretation and Application of Article 9

XII. Annex     back to top

A. Text of Annex
B. Interpretation and Application of the Annex

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