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The WTO Bookshop offers more than 400 titles on trade topics, ranging from economic research to dispute settlement. All of the latest WTO publications are available as well as a host of titles from other publishers.

The bookshop also offers exclusive gifts and souvenirs bearing the WTO logo.

WTO Bookshop
Centre William Rappard
154 rue de Lausanne
Geneva, Switzerland
tel: +41 (22) 739 51 05
fax: +41 (22) 739 57 92
Opening hours:
Monday - Friday
9 am – 12.30 pm
2 pm  - 5 pm
Visitor access: 
A valid passport or ID card is required to enter WTO premises.

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List of titles
Download the WTO Bookshop list of non-WTO titles to see what is on our shelves right now from top sellers to new arrivals.  Mail orders are also accepted.

A selection of new non-WTO titles — September 2016

WTO Online Bookshop
If you wish to purchase online, visit the WTO Online Bookshop.

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