Electronic resources

The WTO Library Catalogue provides bibliographical information and some full-text access to over 40,000 materials covering all aspects of the multilateral trading system. Additionally, through our partnership with other teams in the WTO Information Management Service, we can offer broad access to a range of WTO information resources, including the official documents dating back to the Havava Charter. Some access may be limited by our licensing agreements.

Library Catalogue

The WTO Library catalogue is an inventory of bibliographic records pointing to over 40,000 items in the Library's collection. It provides bibliographic information and some full-text access to books, GATT/WTO publications, articles, periodicals, pamphlets and brochures, CD-Roms, web sites, and many other information resources.

Documents Online (1995-)

This database provides access to the official documentation of theWTO, including the legal texts of the WTO agreements. This does not contain WTO publications.

GATT digital library (1947-1994)

This site provides access to over 59,000 official documents of GATT, including legal texts of the GATT agreements. This does not contain GATT publications. This was created through a joint-effort by Stanford University Libraries and the WTO.

UN Libraries

Search the catalogues of UN and UN-agency Libraries for specialized information.