Adapting to the Digital Trade Era: Challenges and opportunities
Edited by Maarten Smeets

"Adapting to the Digital Trade Era: Challenges and opportunities" looks at how the rapid adoption of digital technologies could help developing countries increase their participation in world trade. It also reviews the role that domestic policies and international cooperation can play in creating a more prosperous and inclusive future for these countries.

This publication marks the conclusion of the second phase of the WTO Chairs Programme (WCP), which aims to support and promote trade-related academic activities by universities and research institutions in developing and least-developed countries. The book brings together contributions from WCP chairholders, Advisory Board members, the WCP team at the WTO and other WTO Secretariat staff. The WCP is an important part of the WTO’s efforts to build trade capacity and to work jointly with academic institutions in developing countries.

Academic institutions awarded WTO Chairs receive support in the areas of curriculum development, research and outreach activities. The chairholders are selected through a competitive process. Fourteen institutions were originally selected as WTO Chairs for a four-year term in 2009. Seven institutions were added to the Programme in 2014.

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The digital trade era – challenges and opportunities for developing countries

Strategic directions and policy implications for developing countries

Making the most of the digital trade era – inclusiveness, gender and development

The ways forward

Published in 2021



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