Technical Barriers to Trade Agreement: 10 key results from 2022

The Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) Agreement aims to ensure that regulations, standards, testing and certification procedures followed by WTO members do not create unnecessary obstacles to trade. This brochure draws together 10 key results from the TBT Committee's annual review of members' implementation of the Agreement.

10 key results

  1. WTO members submitted over 3,800 notifications about product standards and regulations in 2022.
  2. Notifications from least-developed countries represented 31% of the total.
  3. About half of the WTO membership regularly provides notifications.
  4. Notifications in 2022 provided, on average, 58 days for members to comment.
  5. Protection of the environment was the objective of at least 18% of all notified regulations in 2022.
  6. More than 19,000 users have registered on ePing, the WTO’s main tool for TBT notifications and trade concerns.
  7. The number of trade concerns raised by WTO members at the TBT Committee in 2022 decreased by 6%.
  8. In 2022, 53 new trade concerns were discussed by the TBT Committee.
  9. On average, each new trade concern covers imports with a value of USD 29 billion in the year it is first raised.
  10. In-person TBT technical assistance resumed following the easing of COVID-19 restrictions.

Published in 2023



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