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The complete publication “International trade statistics 2003” can be ordered from the WTO online bookshop or can be downloaded by clicking the links below.

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Leading traders
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Trade by sector and product
4 key traders
4 key traders' imports
Regional trade
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Who are the leading traders: back to top
  Merchandise (69.5KB) Commercial Services (44.5KB)
Do you want the European Union (EU) as one reporter? (62.5KB)

Interested in a longer time-series?

Exports (250KB)
Imports (246KB)
Commercial Services
Exports (174KB)
Imports (156KB)

Information on trade by 7 geographical regions: back to top

Exports (52.5KB)
Imports (42.5KB)
Commercial Services
Exports (52.5KB)
Imports (48KB)
More details by region?

Information on trade by sector and product: back to top

  Merchandise (41KB)
Commercial Services (chart; 38KB)
More details by sector and product?

Who are their main partners: back to top

  Who they are selling to …   Who they are buying from … 
Canada (64KB)
United States (127KB)
European Union (68KB)
Japan (65.5KB)

What is happening on the import markets of key traders in some important products? back to top

Iron and Steel
European Union (62.5KB)
United States (62.5KB)

IT products (Office Machinery and Telecommunications equipment)
Canada (52KB)
United States (52KB)
European Union (55KB)
Japan (55KB)

Automotive products
Canada (59KB)
United States (59KB)
European Union (59KB)

Canada (71.5KB)
United States (71.5KB)
European Union (88.5KB)
Japan (88.5KB)
China (88KB)
Mexico (88KB)

Canada (72KB)
United States (72 KB)
European Union (75.5KB)
Japan (75.5KB)

What is happening at the regional level in world merchandise trade? back to top

  Intra and inter-regional trade (43KB)
Regional integration arrangements (EU, NAFTA, APEC, et al.)  (55.5KB)
> More details: Regions (122KB) and RIAs (46.5KB)

Trade developments of Least-Developed Countries back to top

What is the importance of goods and commercial services exports in the GDP of least-developed countries? (63KB)
  Merchandise (75.5KB) Commercial Services (87.5KB)

Long-term trends back to top

  Long-term trends — World exports, production, GDP, from 1950 (78.5KB)

Core data by region and economy back to top

  A lot of the tables in this report are derived from the Appendix tables
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