Bulk download of trade datasets

This facility allows users to download the main trade statistics datasets in their entirety in compressed csv (comma separated values) format.

WTO-UNCTAD-ITC annual trade in services dataset

(Last update: May 2018 — Next update: May 2019)

This file contains the complete WTO-UNCTAD-ITC trade in services dataset. It covers exports and imports of total commercial services broken down by detailed sector and by partner country when available. In addition to individual country data, some regional aggregations and economic groupings are available.


OECD-WTO Balanced Trade in Services Dataset (BaTis)

(Last update: November 2017 — Next update: tbd)

This is an experimental dataset which contains a complete and consistent matrix of trade in services statistics. The data cover the period 1995-2012, for 191 reporters and 193 partners, and 11 main EBOPS 2002 categories in addition to total services.

The documents below are available for download:

  1. A data file, containing the reported trade figures as well as the values resulting from all estimations and adjustment procedures, for imports and exports. It also includes the “balanced” trade values, i.e. the reconciled trade flows.
  2. A codes file, which explains the codes used in the data file for the different variables.
  3. The methodological paper, which accompanies the dataset and describes its compilation methodology in detail.


WTO merchandise trade values annual dataset

(Last update: April 2018 — Next update: October 2018)

This file contains the complete WTO dataset on merchandise trade. It covers total merchandise exports and imports by region, selected regional agreements and economy. It also includes the breakdown by major commodity groups for individual economies, selected regional trade agreements and regions at the total level. Further breakdown by origin and destination is available for a few reporters and it is only available for exports.


WTO merchandise trade indices annual dataset

(Last update: April 2018 — Next update: October 2018)

This file contains the complete WTO dataset regarding indices of merchandise trade. It comprises value, volume and unit value indices, base previous year=100 for available individual countries, geographical regions and economic groupings.


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