World Trade Statistical Review 2019

World Trade Statistical Review 2019 looks into the latest developments in world trade, with a detailed analysis of the most recent trends for trade in goods and services.

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I. Introduction

  • Acknowledgements
  • A message from Director-General Roberto Azevŕdo

II. Highlights of world trade

  • World merchandise trade in 2018
  • World trade in commercial services in 2018
  • Trends in world trade, 2008-2018
  • Developing economies
  • Global trade: World maps
  • Data in Excel format

III. World trade developments, 2018-2019

IV. Trade in merchandise and commercial services

  • Merchandise trade
  • Trade in commercial services
  • Global value chains, 2005-2015
  • Digital trade
  • Data in Excel format

V. Leading traders and the role of developing economies in world trade

  • Leading players
  • Regional performance
  • Regional Trade Agreements (RTAs)
  • Developing economies
  • Least-developed countries
  • Data in Excel format

VI. Trade policy developments

  • Trade monitoring
  • Trade Facilitation Agreement
  • Applied tariffs
  • Aid for Trade
  • Trade finance
  • Data in Excel format

VII. Composition, definitions & methodology

  • Composition of geographical and economic groupings
  • Definitions and methodology
  • Trade policy indicators
  • Specific notes for selected economies
  • Statistical sources

VIII. Statistical tables


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