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If you want to go deeper on the topic of climate change and trade, here are a few reading and viewing suggestions:

Trade and trade policies as part of the solution to the climate crisis:
Trade and climate change

The World Trade Report 2022
explores the linkages between climate change and international trade.

This co-publication by the World Trade Organization and UN Environment illustrates how trade can support action by governments, companies, innovators and consumers to improve economies and protect the environment at the same time.
Making trade work for the environment, prosperity and resilience

The WTO and the challenge of climate change:
The multilateral trading system and climate change

MeteoSwiss, Switzerland's Federal Office for Meteorology and Climatology, collects data for weather forecasts and climate research:
Radio soundings and weather balloons

Watch our explainer video on how sustainable trade policies can work for people and planet:
Let's Talk Sustainable Development

Thank you to

  • Jessica Hermosa, Communications Officer in the Information and External Relations Division of the WTO
  • Daniel Ramos, Legal Officer in the Trade and Environment Division of the WTO
  • MeteoSwiss/ MeteoSchweiz/ Météosuisse, Switzerland's Federal Office for Meteorology and Climatology, for hosting us in their Aerological station in Payerne and for the support by Barbara Galliker, Yves-Alain Roulet and Jean-Claude Aubort
  • Groupe E, a Swiss energy utility, for access to their solar park in Payerne and Jürg Spahr for supporting us on site
  • You, for sharing this video


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