WTO podcast: Let's Talk Trade

Trade is about people. It is about the connections it creates, the challenges it can bring and the opportunities it unleashes. A new WTO podcast, Let's Talk Trade, brings these stories to the fore.

Let's Talk Trade videos

Check out as well our Let's Talk Trade video series, available on the WTO website and social media platforms.


Every season, we dive into a different subject. We ask people to talk about how trade matters to them, and what the WTO's role is in all of this.


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Season 1

The first season — “Resilience Stories” — picks up on the 2021 Public Forum theme of building resilience post-COVID19.

Latest episode

Resilience stories: Plasticpreneur — Turning waste to wonder (S1 - Ep5)

Episode Summary

As demand for medical products rose with the COVID-19 pandemic, Sören from Austria adapted the plastic recycling machine invented by him and his friends to produce face shields — also for export. Simon Neumueller from the WTO discusses how trade in medical products has adapted with the pandemic. Hosted by WTO’s Daniel Ramos, who discusses sustainability in trade.
14 October 2021

Previous episodes

Resilience stories: Farafena — Around the world and back (S1 - Ep4)

Episode Summary

Oumar had a successful exporting business from Mali to North America. Disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic made him rethink his business model, and focus on intra-African trade. Annette Ssemuwemba from the Enhanced Integrated Framework discusses how the poorest countries have been affected by COVID-19.
7 October 2021

Resilience stories: Casa Feito Brasil — Making a home abroad (S1 - Ep3)

Episode Summary

As the Brazilian cosmetics company where Rafaela worked took advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic to strengthen their online business, they also took the bold step to enter new markets overseas. She tells us about the process to register these products abroad. WTO’s Devin McDaniels discusses the importance of trade in safe products.
30 September 2021

Resilience stories: A silver lining for Dot and Line (S1 - Ep2)

Episode Summary

Maheen’s in-person tutoring business in Pakistan was put in jeopardy by COVID-19 lockdowns. By shifting her business online, she was able to reach new customers abroad. WTO’s Antonia Carzaniga talks about trade in services during the pandemic.
23 September 2021

Resilience stories: Pandemic Hell, Cielo Hammocks (S1 - Ep1)

Episode Summary

As the COVID-19 pandemic forced Josefina from Mexico to close her physical shop, e-commerce gave her hammock business a new lifeline. WTO’s Kathryn Lundquist talks about the effect of the pandemic for smaller business.
23 September 2021

Coming soon: Let's talk trade

Coming soon: Let's Talk Trade, a podcast by the World Trade Organization.
17 September 2021



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