Trade for Peace Programme:

Pillar 1: Political Engagement and Partnerships

This pillar focuses on building connections between members of the trade and peace communities. By continuously seeking out and strengthening our partnerships, the Trade for Peace Programme is building an inclusive and open community.

Trade for Peace: Future Leaders

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Trade for Peace: Future Leaders is an initiative that seeks to increase youth engagement worldwide on trade and peace and underscore the importance of youth in the future of trade and peacebuilding. It also aims to highlight the challenges faced by youth living in fragile and conflict-affected states by giving them a platform to voice their experiences and share their innovative ideas.

The initiative is implemented through two channels: Dialogue and Action.

The Dialogue channel encompasses: (i) the organization of a Youth Day at the WTO, giving youth the opportunity to come together and engage with high-level policymakers, (ii) a youth series in the Trade for Peace Podcast to highlight the stories of young Trade for Peace champions around the world, and (iii) a platform where youth can share stories, photos and videos and discuss topics relating to trade and peace.The views expressed on the platform are those of the authors only. Such views do not necessarily reflect the views of the WTO, members or staff members.

We would love to hear from young people - please share your stories so that we can highlight the potential of youth around the world to participate in peacebuilding. If you wish to contribute to the online platform and share content on building peace and security through trade and economic integration, do not hesitate to share your contributions with us at [email protected].

The Action channel aims at empowering youth by highlighting their ideas and solutions to issues related to trade and peace, while partnering with other organizations on the possible implementation of these ideas on the ground. Through this channel, a Call for Future Leaders will be the first step towards creating a global network of youth at the forefront of trade and peace topics. The objective is to enable youth to showcase their entrepreneurial and problem-solving spirit and engage more easily with trade and peace experts.

If you already wish to share a project idea with us, do not hesitate to reach out at [email protected].

Trade for Peace Network

The Trade for Peace Network allows policymakers and other experts to exchange ideas and identify areas of collaboration which could support FCA states.

The Network aims to:

  • provide a platform for regular exchange between policymakers and experts from the trade, peace and humanitarian communities to explore the nexus between the multilateral trading system, peace and security
  • explore areas of collaboration and actions by members of the Network, within their respective mandates, to support FCA states seeking to join the WTO and to transition from a state of fragility towards stability and prosperity through integration into the multilateral trading system
  • set the agenda and work programme for the Trade for Peace Programme, including collaborative research, training, outreach activities, and information and experience sharing among members of the Network.

The inaugural meeting of the Trade for Peace Network was held on 25 March 2021.

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