Renovation and extension of the WTO building

In August 2008, the WTO embarked on a project to renovate and extend the Centre William Rappard (CWR). The project consisted of three phases: modernisation of the CWR infrastructure; an increase in the capacity of the CWR; and construction of an adjoining building. The main construction work was due to be completed by end 2012.

The content of these pages may not be transmitted or reproduced without the prior written permission of the Chairman of the Renovation Task Force, WTO 154 rue de Lausanne, CH-1211 Genève 21. The drawings, blueprints, and illustrations on this site represent a view of how the building could look like after the renovation/construction. They do not necessarily give a final image of the end result, and are subject to approval according to local and Swiss laws and regulations. The written descriptions, statements or comments are purely indicative and may not reflect the official views of the WTO, its Members or its Secretariat.


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Justification for the project

Organization of the project


The WTO’s new atrium

Inauguration of the Brazil Room (9 September 2013)

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> Video: Inauguration ceremony