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This document has been prepared under the Secretariat’s own responsibility and is without prejudice to the positions of Members or to their rights or obligations under the WTO.

The Proposed Agenda can be found in document WT/GC/W/628/Rev.1 and contains the following items:

1. Transparency for Preferential Trade Arrangements — Draft Decision

The General Council will consider a Draft Decision, contained in WT/COMTD/71, establishing a Transparency Mechanism for Preferential Trade Arrangements.

2. Report by the Chairman of the Trade Negotiations Committee

This is a standing Item on the Agenda.  The Director-General will report, in his capacity as Chairman of the TNC, on activities in this area since his last report in October.

3. Work Programme on Small Economies

(a)       Report by the Chairman of the Dedicated Session of the Committee on Trade and Development

Under this standing Item, the Chairman of the Dedicated Session of the CTD will report on the progress of work in the Work Programme on Small Economies.

(b)       Graduation of Maldives from LDC status on 1 January 2011

The delegation of Maldives will introduce this item, which was placed on the agenda at its request, as contained in document WT/GC/130.

4. Follow-Up to the 1 August 2004 General Council Decision and the Hong Kong Ministerial Declaration on the Doha Work Programme — Statement by the Director-General on the Development Assistance Aspects of Cotton

The Director-General will report on the state-of-play in cotton development assistance since his last report to the Council in November 2009.

Audio:  Statement by Pascal Lamy on the Development Assistance Aspects of Cotton

5. Work Programme on —Review of Progress

In line with the Decision on the Work Programme on Electronic Commerce (WT/L/782) adopted by Ministers at the Seventh Session of the Ministerial Conference, the General Council will hold a review of the progress on the work programme.

6. Review under Paragraph 8 of the Decision on the Implementation of Paragraph 6 of the Doha Declaration on the TRIPS Agreement and Public Health — Report of the Council for TRIPS

The Chairman of the TRIPS Council will report on its annual review on the functioning of the system set out in the Decision on the Implementation of Paragraph 6 of the Doha Declaration on the TRIPS Agreement and Public Health.

7. Accessions

(a)       WTO Accessions: 2010 Report by the Director-General

The Director-General will introduce his report on accession contained in WT/ACC/14
(b)       Accession Priorities for 2010 in respect of LDCs — Communication of Zambia on behalf of the LDC Group

The representative of Zambia (on behalf of the LDC Group) will make a statement outlining the accession priorities for LDCs for 2010: Samoa, Vanuatu and Yemen, as contained in WT/GC/129.

Audio:  2010 Report by Pascal Lamy on WTO accessions

8. Amendment to the

The General Council will be invited to adopt the draft decision contained in document G/MA/W/104 regarding proposed amendments to the procedures for the introduction of Harmonized System 2002 changes to schedules of concessions using the CTS Database.

9. Committee on Budget, Finance and Administration — Report on its meeting of November and December 2010

The Chairman of the Budget Committee will introduce the Committee's reports on its meetings in November and December 2010 (WT/BFA/119, 120 and 121) and seek the Council's approval of a number of specific recommendations and of a draft resolution on the revised expenditure of the WTO in 2011 contained therein.  

10. Waivers under Art. IX of the WTO Agreement

(a)       Introduction of Harmonized System 2002 changes into WTO Schedules of Tariff Concessions — Draft Decision (G/C/W/637)

(b)        Introduction of Harmonized System 2007 changes into WTO Schedules of Tariff Concessions — Draft Decision (G/C/W/638)

(c)       Review of waivers pursuant to Article IX:4 of the WTO Agreement

11. Review of WTO Activities

The General Council will conduct its annual review of WTO activities, in line with the Decision concerning procedures for an annual overview of WTO activities and for reporting under the WTO (WT/L/105). 

12. Appointment of Officers to WTO bodies — Announcement by the Chairman pursuant to paragraph 7.1(A) of the Guidelines (WT/L/510)

In line with the Guidelines for the Appointment of Officers to WTO bodies (WT/L/510), the Chairman will announce that he will be starting consultations on the appointment of officers to WTO bodies, assisted by the serving Chair of the Dispute Settlement Body and a former Chair of the General Council.

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