Interaction between Trade and Competition Policy

The WTO Secretariat regularly prepares and contributes to official publications as well as conducts research on the relationship and intersection between trade policy and competition policy.

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Brief information about competition policy work in the WTO
Links to the section on competition policy in the WTO Guide “Understanding the WTO”.

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Working Group on the Interaction between Trade and Competition Policy (WGTCP) 

As a result of the Ministerial Conference in Singapore (1996), the Working Group on the Interaction between Trade and Competition Policy (WGTCP) was established to study various aspects of this issue, with the participation of all WTO Members.

Under the Doha Ministerial Declaration (2001), the study work within the Working Group was focusing on the clarification of:

- core principles, including transparency, non-discrimination and procedural fairness

- provisions on hardcore cartels;

- modalities for voluntary cooperation; and

- support for progressive reinforcement of competition institutions in developing countries through capacity building.

The Working Group is currently inactive but the WTO Secretariat continues to respond to national requests for technical assistance in this area for the benefit of interested WTO Members and countries seeking accession to the WTO.

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Documents of the Working Group 

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History, Mandates and Decisions 

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Technical Assistance in regard to Trade and Competition Policy 

Technical Assistance activities include symposia, regional and national workshops, sometimes undertaken in co-operation with other multilateral agencies.

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Selected publications on competition policy include official and academic contributions.

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