Fifth Global Review of Aid for Trade

The Fifth Global Review of Aid for Trade will be held at the WTO from 30 June to 2 July 2015. The theme of the Review is “Reducing Trade Costs for Inclusive, Sustainable Growth”.

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The event will bring together participants from around the wold — notably trade and development ministers, other government officials, heads of multilateral and development agencies, representatives of the private sector and civil society — to discuss how to reduce high trade costs, which act as a brake on the integration of many developing countries and least-developed countries (LDCs) into international trade.

To release the brake and deliver inclusive, sustainable growth envisioned by the emerging post-2015 development agenda, the Review will discuss how trade costs affect developing countries' competitiveness and their ability to connect to regional and global value chains. The Review will also focus on what action could be taken by national governments, regional organizations, bilateral and multilateral donors, developing-country partners, the private sector, philanthropic foundations and non-governmental organizations to address this issue.

The Review will look at who is doing what, how national governments and regional organizations are tackling the issue of reducing trade costs in their planning frameworks, where progress is being made, what more needs to be done, what can be done better, how we can learn from best practice, and what impact has already been achieved.

One of the steps WTO members can take to address high trade costs is to ensure the timely ratification and implementation of the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement. The meeting will review actions already undertaken by developing countries, regional communities and their development partners to support trade facilitation. It will also examine how these efforts can be continued and strengthened, including through the WTO's Trade Facilitation Agreement Facility.

The three-day event will comprise a number of high-level plenary sessions where participants will discuss what actions are being taken by various actors to help developing countries and LDCs overcome the challenges and constraints they face in reducing trade costs. Side events on related topics will be organized by WTO members and other Aid-for-Trade partners.

A draft programme for the Fifth Global Review, which will be updated regularly, is available here.

All participants must register by completing an online registration form. This should be completed by 19 June 2015. A full list of registered participants will be submitted to the Swiss Authorities prior to the Global Review.

Practical information regarding this event can be found here.

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