The ECampus programme takes full advantage of information technology and the Internet as a complement as well as an alternative to traditional training programs, enhances WTO outreach to academic institutions and individual students, and develops WTO-related training materials suited to distance learning.

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The ECampus website offers interactive courses over the Internet which provide participating government officials online access to training material and to their assigned tutors from any location in the world.

The ECampus programme's objectives are that by the end of the course they will have acquired:

  • homogeneous and strengthened understanding of the multilateral trading system,
  • enhanced knowledge of the basic principles of the WTO and the legal structure of the WTO Agreements,
  • improved capability to interpret relevant information and documents on WTO-related issues as well as to use the WTO legal texts and legal background material.

Furthermore, ECampus aims at establishing networks of useful contacts between course participants and their WTO tutors.

Details of the courses to be held this year can be found here.


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A number of computer-based training modules (CBTs) on specific WTO Agreements/Issues are available on-line through the WTO website and on CD-ROM or DVD. Each CBT includes theory and exercises through multiple choice questions with an automatic correction mechanism.

In addition to the CBTs, some video-based multimedia presentations are also available for self-training on-line as well as on CD-ROM or DVD.


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This consists of a combination of interrelated media - slide presentations, video files and reference documents - all stored on the same CD-ROM. These briefings are also accessible on-line through the WTO distance-learning page.


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