Other Geneva-based support


the Non-Resident Newsletter
seeks to respond to the special challenges faced by Members without representation in Geneva, in terms of their participation in the work of the WTO. The newsletter includes: reports on WTO meetings; trade news from other organizations involved in the multilateral trading system such as UNCTAD, ITC, IMF and the World Bank; summaries of economic seminars held at the WTO; information on selected documents distributed at the WTO of greatest importance to non-resident Members; recent trade publications produced; table on the latest trade facts and figures; schedule of tentative WTO meetings; and programme of non-WTO events related to the multilateral trading system.

The newsletter is sent to the capitals of Non-Resident Members and to their missions in London and Brussels. It is also distributed to specific academics and international organizations affiliated with the WTO work programme.

ad hoc assistance; such assistance is provided to visiting delegations, for whom specialized programmes, lectures, briefing sessions are designed and meetings organized;


briefing sessions through video-conferencing: the WTO Secretariat regularly organizes meetings with beneficiary countries through video-conferencing, to inform them about a specific issue;

servicing regional groups: the WTO Secretariat provides assistance to regional groupings in support of their meetings and organizes briefings on specific WTO-related topics in light of negotiations.


advisory role on legal issues: the WTO Secretariat has, since the conclusion of the Uruguay Round, provided legal advice in accordance with the requirement in Dispute Settlement Understanding (DSU) Article 27.2 to any developing country which requests it in the event of that country being involved in the dispute settlement process.


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