Specialized and advanced technical assistance and training

This category of products includes activities that address specific topics and issues. Training is geared towards those with prior knowledge of the subject matter, such as specialists/technicians. The assistance includes national and/or regional seminars and workshops as well as specialized courses. The training is held in Geneva or elsewhere.

Geneva-based thematic courses

Geneva-based thematic courses focus on one WTO topic or a group of topics, and usually last two weeks. Briefing on WTO work in the topics concerned is an integral part of these courses.


National technical assistance activities

National technical assistance activities contribute to building trade capacity, resulting in the participants improving their knowledge and skills in areas defined by the beneficiary country.


Regional workshops

Regional workshops for capital-based officials allow the WTO to reach out to a group of individuals interested in the same subject matter. The workshops facilitate an exchange of information, sharing of experiences and networking among participants.


Intensive courses on trade negotiations skills

The intensive course on trade negotiations skills is designed to provide participants with the skills needed to develop appropriate strategies and tactics in the conduct of trade negotiations.


Outreach activities for parliamentarians, civil society and the media

Outreach activities aimed at parliamentarians, civil society and the media are part of the WTO's strategy to help legislators, civil society representatives and journalists better understand trade-related issues.