DS: Dominican Republic — Foreign Exchange Fee Affecting Imports from Costa Rica

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Summary of the dispute to date

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Complaint by Costa Rica. 

On 12 September 2005, Costa Rica requested consultations with the Dominican Republic concerning the collection by the Dominican Republic of an exchange rate fee of 13% calculated upon the exchange rate for foreign currency sale which applies to imports from, inter alia, Costa Rica.  The request refers to some decisions of the Currency Board of the Central Bank of Dominican Republic (24 January 1991, 20 August 2002, 22 October 2003 and 23 December 2004) as well as to any further amendments or related decisions. 

Costa Rica considers that the said exchange rate fee is a “charge ... imposed on or in connection with the importation” as provided for in Article II.1(b) of the GATT 1994, and, thus claims that it is inconsistent with this provision, among others.

On 28 September 2005, Guatemala requested to join the consultations. On 29 September 2005, El Salvador requested to join the consultations. On 7 October 2005, the Dominican Republic accepted both requests to join the consultations.


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