Committee on Government Procurement

The Committee on Government Procurement was established to oversee the implementation of the Agreement on Government Procurement (GPA). A chairperson is elected by its parties to organize activities of the Committee with the assistance of the WTO Secretariat.

Functions and operation of the Committee

The Committee on Government Procurement was established to administer the implementation of the GPA. It is composed of representatives from each of the parties as well as WTO members and inter-governmental organizations with observer status.

The Committee meets regularly, around four times a year, to give parties the opportunity to consult on any matters relating to the implementation and operation of the Agreement or the furtherance of its objectives. It also carries out other responsibilities as may be assigned to it by the parties.

The Committee annually informs the WTO General Council of its activities and of developments relating to the implementation and operation of the Agreement.


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Chairmanship of the Committee 

The Committee officially elects its chair at the first meeting of the Committee each year. In practice, the chair is selected by consensus among candidates from permanent missions of the GPA parties.

Chairs of the Committee on Government Procurement since 1996:

  • 1996-1997 Mr Harald ERNST (Switzerland)
  • 1997-1998 Ms Helle KLEM (Norway)
  • 1998-2000 Mr Dick MAK (Hong Kong, China)
  • 2001-2002 Mr Martin LOKEN (Canada)
  • 2002-2003 Mr Jan-Peter MOUT (Netherlands)
  • 2003-2004 Mr Niklas BERGSTRÖM (Sweden)
  • 2005-2006 Amb. Tae-yul CHO (Korea)
  • 2007-2012 Mr Nicholas NIGGLI (Switzerland)
  • 2012- July 2014  Mr Bruce CHRISTIE (Canada)
  • August 2014-February 2015  Mr Krzysztof TREPCZYŃSKI (Poland)
  • March 2015-June 2018 Mr John NEWHAM (Ireland)
  • June 2018-July 2021 Mr Carlos VANDERLOO (Canada)



Committee meetings


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