Dataset of services commitments in regional trade agreements (RTAs)

The dataset below details the level of services commitments by WTO members in regional trade agreements (RTAs). Data is provided for 53 members (counting the European Union as one) in 67 RTAs.

An earlier version of this dataset was first published in: Opening Markets for Trade in Services: Countries and Sectors in Bilateral and WTO Negotiations co-published by Cambridge University Press and the WTO (edited by Juan A. Marchetti and Martin Roy).

The opinions contained in contributions to the book are the sole responsibility of the individual authors and do not reflect the views of the WTO Secretariat or WTO members. Similarly, the dataset should not be attributed to the WTO. It is made available to assist researchers and others interested in services trade and negotiations.


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The dataset shows the level of market access committed by parties to each RTA, by mode of supply and by sector, in comparison with achievements in services in the WTO. The dataset also shows the highest level of market access commitments by each WTO member across all its RTAs.

First published in 2008, the dataset has been expanded to reflect the continuing growth in services RTAs.

The current dataset was used in the World Trade Report 2011.

Services Commitments in Preferential Trade Agreements: An Expanded Dataset” by Martin Roy (WTO Staff Working Paper) briefly presents the overall trends for services commitments in RTAs, as based on the extended dataset, and explains the methodology used.

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> List of members covered in the dataset and acronyms

> List of services agreements in the dataset

> Proportion of sub-sectors with GATS+ commitments in RTAs, per member

> Index score per member on the basis of 'best' RTA commitments

> Index score per member for selected services sectors
> Index score per agreement


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Further information 

More information about the methodology used in constructing the index can be found in “Services Liberalization in the WTO and in PTAs”, Juan Marchetti and Martin Roy, Chapter 2 of Opening Markets for Trade in Services: Countries and Sectors in Bilateral and WTO Negotiations.