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SPS Declaration at MC12

At the 12th Ministerial Conference (MC12) in June 2022, ministers adopted the “SPS Declaration: Responding to Modern SPS Challenges”. Recognizing new opportunities and emerging challenges brought about by the evolution of the global agricultural landscape since the adoption of the SPS Agreement in 1995, the Declaration instructs the SPS Committee to carry out a work programme to further enhance the implementation of the SPS Agreement in an effort to better manage issues related to international trade in food, animals and plants. The text of the SPS Declaration is available in document WT/MIN(22)/27.


The Committee is to address the outcomes of this work programme, open to all members and observers, and report on key findings and action undertaken as a result of this work to the 13th Ministerial Conference with recommendations, as appropriate.

At the June 2022 SPS Committee meeting, members held preliminary discussions on the SPS Declaration work programme. Subsequently, an initial proposed process was circulated for members' consideration. Based on the lessons learnt since the launch of the process, as well as comments provided by Members orally and in writing, the process was revised and adopted by Members at the November meeting.

All the documents related to the MC12 SPS work programme are available here.

A factual summary of the work programme is available in document G/SPS/70.

A draft Committee report to the MC13 is available in document G/SPS/W/344/Rev.3 and a Chairperson's report on the work programme is available in document G/SPS/71.



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