STDF Workshop on SPS-Related Capacity Evaluation Tools

The Standards and Trade Development Facility (STDF) organized a workshop on capacity evaluation tools related to sanitary and phytosanitary measures (SPS) in Geneva on 31 March 2008, explained in this official document. Some 200 delegates from the WTO’s SPS Committee attended the event, including 15 developing country officials whose participation was funded by the STDF. Ten different capacity evaluation tools, developed by international organizations, were presented including sector-specific tools, more general SPS-related tools and related approaches.

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> Report of the STDF workshop on SPS-related capacity evaluation tools

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The workshop examined the merits of specific and generic tools; the role of the beneficiary in the choice of tool, its application and end use; and public dissemination of results versus confidential usage. There was recognition that a large amount of data is being generated but that compilation and exchange of the results has been limited to date. Similarly, much less attention has been given to monitoring the impact of capacity evaluations in generating results. Scope for collaboration and cooperation in the future development and use of these tools was discussed, and broad agreement emerged on the need to strive towards harmonization of approaches while respecting the needs of beneficiaries.


Background documents

> UNIDO SPS-Related Capacity Evaluation Tools — a Brief Overview
> Capacity-Building Tools and Activities (OIE)
> FAO Capacity Evaluation Tools for Food Safety, Biosecurity and Plant Protection
> Report of the STDF workshop on SPS-related capacity evaluation tools


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Monday 31 March 2008


Opening Remarks


Session 1: Specific capacity evaluation tools

  • Phytosanitary Capacity Evaluation,
    Mr Jeffrey Jones, Technical Assistance Officer, International Plant Protection Convention Secretariat
    > Presentation

  • Tool for the Evaluation of Performance of Veterinary Services (OIE-PVS),
    Ms Sarah Kahn, Chef de Service, International Trade Department, World Organization for Animal Health
    > Presentation

  • Strengthening National Food Control Systems: Guidelines and Quick Guide to Assess Capacity-Building Needs,
    Ms Maya Piñeiro, Senior Officer, Food Quality and Standards Service, Nutrition and Consumer Protection Division, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
    > Presentation

  • Discussion


Session 2: General SPS capacity evaluation tools

  • Food Safety and Agricultural Health Action Plans,
    Mr John Lamb, Senior Agribusiness Specialist, Agriculture and Rural Development Department, World Bank
    > Presentation

  • Biosecurity Capacity Evaluation,
    Mr Sithar Dorjee, Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority
    > Presentation

  • Performance Vision Strategy,
    Mr Ricardo Molins, Director, Agricultural Health and Food Safety, Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture
    > Presentation (English)
    > Presentation (Spanish)

  • Discussion

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Session 3: Related approaches and tools of interest

  • Cost-benefit Analysis and SPS Planning,
    Ms Claudia Solano Oré, Sub-dirección de Servicios y Asistencia Empresarial, PROMPERU
    > Presentation

  • Trade and Health Evaluation,
    Ms Corinna Hawkes, Research Fellow, Food Consumption and Nutrition Division, International Food Policy Research Institute
    > Presentation

  • Evaluation of Standards Metrology and Quality Infrastructure,
    Mr Gerardo Patacconi, Chief, Productivity, Quality, Enterprise Upgrading Unit, Trade Capacity Building Branch, United Nations Industrial Development Organization
    > Presentation

  • Biosafety Capacity Evaluation,
    Mr Erie Tamale, Programme Officer, Convention on Biological Diversity
    > Presentation

  • Discussion


Session 4: Which tool for what purpose?

Open discussion of issues arising, in particular:

  • Merits of specific vs generic tools

  • Role of beneficiary in choice of tool, application and end use, in particular public dissemination of results vs. internal confidential usage

  • How to prioritize needs? How to turn evaluations into action — either through domestic resources or external assistance?

  • Scope for collaboration and cooperation between organizations in development and use of tools as well as sharing of results


Closing remarks


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What is the STDF?
The Standards and Trade Development Facility is a joint initiative of the World Trade Organization, World Health Organization, World Bank, World Organization for Animal Health and Food and Agriculture Organization. The facility acts as a forum for sharing information on past, present and planned technical co-operation activities related to sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) measures. It also provides grant financing for projects and for the preparation of projects aiming to enhance developing countries’ capacity to meet SPS standards.

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