How to notify

ePing is the most efficient way for Members to submit notifications to the WTO Central Registry of Notifications (CRN).


To access the notification submission services, government officials responsible for the preparation and submission of notifications should register on the ePing SPS&TBT platform and send a message to [email protected] requesting notification admin rights. A notification admin can, in addition to submitting notifications, also grant notification drafting rights and/or submission rights to other domestic users and update Enquiry Point contact details. Users with a WTO account can use these credentials to register on the site and benefit from the single sign-on across WTO websites.

While Members can submit notifications by email to the Central Registry of Notifications (CRN) ([email protected]), there is a significantly longer circulation delay as these have to be processed manually by the WTO Secretariat.

Download the notification templates:


The TBT Committee has adopted Guidelines for Notification Procedures for Draft Technical Regulations and Conformity Assessment Procedures as well as a recommendation on when to use which notification format.