Triennial reviews

The TBT Committee is mandated to review the operation and implementation of the TBT Agreement on a triennial basis. The Eighth Triennial Review was adopted on 15 November 2018.

Eighth Triennial Review

The Eighth Triennial Review was adopted at the TBT Committee meeting  of 15 November 2018 G/TBT/41. Search here for all Eighth Triennial Review documents.

The following proposals were submitted by WTO members for the Eighth Review of the TBT Agreement:

Member Title Date Document
Philippines, Mauritius and Uganda Technical assistance 08 Jun 2018 G/TBT/W/538/Rev.1
United States Operation of the committee: best practices for observers 08 Jun 2018 G/TBT/W/539
Australia Transparency 08 Jun 2018 G/TBT/W/537
Switzerland Transparency – handling of comments - publication of comments on notified measures and replies thereto 08 Jun 2018 G/TBT/W/536
United States Transparency: list of member websites on adopted technical regulations 06 Jun 2018 G/TBT/W/535
European Union Mandatory marking and labelling requirements on imported products: practical compliance issues 06 Jun 2018 G/TBT/W/534
Brazil Operation of the committee – good regulatory practices – conformity assessment procedures - transparency 05 Jun 2018 G/TBT/W/461/Rev.1
Brazil Notification procedures under the tbt committee 05 Jun 2018 G/TBT/W/460/Rev.1
Brazil Conformity assessment procedures - operation of the committee 05 Jun 2018 G/TBT/W/533
Canada Standards and technical regulations: a gender-based discussion 05 Jun 2018 G/TBT/W/532
United States Approaches to conformity assessment 05 Jun 2018 G/TBT/W/531
Chinese Taipei Proposal on a holistic approach to risk assessment 29 May 2018 G/TBT/W/530
Canada Incorporation of standards by reference 24 May 2018 G/TBT/W/529
Japan Effective use of the notification format 09 May 2018 G/TBT/W/528
United States Improving information in notifications 16 Mar 2018 G/TBT/W/464
New Zealand Domestic coordination of information relevant to notifications 13 Mar 2018 G/TBT/W/463
European Union Approaches to conformity assessment 09 Mar 2018 G/TBT/W/462
South Africa Certificates of free sale 24 Oct 2017 G/TBT/W/453
South Africa Operation of the committee – good regulatory practices - transparency 24 Oct 2017 G/TBT/W/452
United States Transparency 18 Oct 2017 G/TBT/W/451

Previous Triennial Reviews: