Triennial reviews

The TBT Committee is mandated to review the operation and implementation of the TBT Agreement on a triennial basis.


Seventh Triennial Review

The Seventh Triennial Review was adopted at the TBT Committee meeting  of 4-6 November 2015 [G/TBT/37]

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Sixth Triennial Review

In the Sixth Triennial Review, WTO members agreed to hold thematic sessions on areas of work in the Committee that would benefit from a more in-depth and focused discussion [para 26 of G/TBT/32]

Reports of the Chair on Thematic Sessions:

Thematic Sessions on Good Regulatory Practice: G/TBT/GEN/143, G/TBT/GEN/143/Add.1 and G/TBT/GEN/143/Add.2

Thematic Session on Standards: G/TBT/GEN/144 and G/TBT/GEN/144/Add.1

Thematic Session on Conformity Assessment: G/TBT/GEN/155 and G/TBT/GEN/174

Thematic Session on Special and Differential Treatment and Technical Assistance: G/TBT/GEN/156 and G/TBT/GEN/174

Thematic Session on Transparency: G/TBT/GEN/167

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