technical barriers to trade

TBT Committee Thematic Session on Technical Assistance

At the Eighth Triennial Review, Members agreed to continue to hold thematic sessions in conjunction with its regular meetings during 2019 to 2021, with a view to further deepening the Committee's exchange of experiences on specific topics. On this basis, the Committee agreed to hold a session on technical assistance on 27 October 2020.

Geneva, WTO Headquarters

This thematic session will be moderated by: Ms. Laura Gauer (Switzerland)
Moderator's report

  • Australia: Capacity building in metrology to support participation in global frameworks for the reduction of TBTs – Australian perspectives, Dr Angela Samuel, Director, International Relations, National Measurement Institute, Australia (NMIA).
  • European Union: Overview of European Union's support through technical assistance in the field of Technical Barriers to Trade, Mr. Aurelien Pastouret, DG DEVCO.
  • European Union: TBT Technical Assistance Coordination and Challenges to Capacity Building During the Pandemic, Ms Linda Bodén, Trade Policy Adviser at the National Board of Trade Sweden.
  • European Union: Towards a Global Quality Infrastructure: An Approach to Harmonization and Capacity Building, Mrs. Anchali Stapornwongkul, Deputy Head of Division "Accreditation and Conformity Assessment, Metrology, Supervision of PTB and BAM", BMWi, and Mr. Stephan Bethe, Head of the Division for Trade Policy, BMZ (Germany).
  • United States: Standards Alliance Phase 2 Implementation in 2020-2021, Mr. Joseph Tretler, Vice President, International Policy, American National Standards Institute.
  • United States: Delivering ASTM's Mission-Aligned Technical Assistance: Routine and COVID Engagement, Ms Teresa Cendrowska, VP of Global Cooperation for ASTM.



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