Technical assistance and capacity building

Technical assistance for trade facilitation is provided by the WTO, WTO members and other intergovernmental organizations, including the World Bank, the World Customs Organization and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). In July 2014, the WTO announced the launch of the Trade Facilitation Agreement Facility, which will assist developing and least-developed countries in implementing the WTO’s Trade Facilitation Agreement.

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This page aims to provide WTO members with an overview of technical assistance and capacity building activities in the area of trade facilitation.


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I. Technical assistance and capacity building provided by the WTO

Trade Facilitation Agreement Facility

The Trade Facilitation Agreement Facility, launched in July 2014, will help developing and least-developed countries reap the benefits of the WTO’s new Trade Facilitation Agreement, which was agreed at the Bali Ministerial Conference in December 2013. The Facility became operational when the Trade Facilitation Protocol was adopted by WTO members on 27 November 2014.

Needs assessments

Multimedia presentation on needs assessment

WTO Trade Facilitation National Needs Assessment 2012-2015


Slideshow presentations

Working group and final result materials

WTO Program for National Self-Assessments of Trade Facilitation Needs and Priorities 2007-2010


Case studies


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II. Donors and assistance programmes


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III. Trade facilitation information and activities provided by other International Organizations   

Asia-Pacific Research and Training Network on Trade — ARTNeT

Global Facilitation Partnership for Transportation and Trade — GFPTT

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development — OECD

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development — UNCTAD

United Nations Economic Commission for Europe — UNECE


World Customs Organization — WCO

World Bank

Dedicated website for the Trade Facilitation Agreement Facility

This site serves as a focal point for WTO members, donors and others seeking information on the TFAF.