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VOLUME 11 (2020)

1. COVID-19, TEXT AND DATA MINING AND COPYRIGHT: THE BRAZILIAN CASE Allan Rocha de Souza copyright, text and data mining, databases, limitations and exceptions, COVID-19 2020
2. TRADEMARK INFRINGEMENTS: CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS IN BULGARIA Plamena Popova criminal proceedings, IP enforcement, trademark counterfeiting, Republic of Bulgaria 2020
3. THE INABILITY OF COMPULSORY LICENSES TO ADDRESS THE PROBLEM OF MEDICINES AND VACCINES ACCESS IN LDCs IN THE CONTEXT OF THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC Philibert Baranyanka patent, compulsory license, drugs (medicines), LDCs, TRIPS Agreement, amendment, Doha Declaration 2020
4. COPYRIGHT AS COLLATERAL IN SECURITIES LENDING TRANSACTIONS: A COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS BETWEEN SOUTH AFRICA AND OHADA COUNTRIES Caroline Joelle Nwabueze intangibles, copyright, securities, collateral, exclusive rights, assignment, South Africa, OHADA 2020
5. IP, ANTI-MONOPOLY LAW AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT IN CHINA Joy Y. Xiang intellectual property, Competition Law and Policy, refusal to license, essential facilities, excessive pricing, sustainable technology, sustainable development, climate change 2020
6. IF NOT NOW, WHEN? ACCESS TO COVID-19 TREATMENT AND PATENT LAW Bassem Awad COVID-19; vaccine nationalism; compulsory license; TRIPS waiver; compulsory trade secrets license; technology transfer 2020
7. COVID-19 PANDEMIC: CONGENITAL FLUIDITY OF PROPOSAL FOR WAIVER OF IP RIGHTS AND THE ROAD AHEAD Ghayur Alam COVID-19 pandemic, pharmaceutical products, intellectual property rights, TRIPS, waiver proposal, WHO, WIPO, WTO 2020
8. INTERACTION BETWEEN IP LAW AND ENVIRONMENTAL LAW ON PLANT GENETIC RESOURCES FROM INTERNATIONAL AND NATIONAL PERSPECTIVES – A CASE STUDY: IRAN Mohammad-Reza Parvin intellectual property rights, environmental law, ownership, plant genetic resources, sovereignty, sustainable development, Iran 2020
9. REALITY CHECK: CORPORATE GOVERNANCE TINGES ON THE COLLECTIVE MANAGEMENT ORGANIZATIONS IN KENYA Stanley Mbugua Njoroge royalties, copyright, corporate governance, accountability, transparency, collective management organizations 2020
10. THE USE OF TRADEMARKS AND IP RIGHTS AS COMPANY ASSETS – AN OVERVIEW OF THE STATE OF PLAY IN THE REPUBLIC OF NORTH MACEDONIA IN RELATION TO GLOBAL TRENDS Katerina Toshevska-Trpchevska trademarks, IP rights, company law, brand value, IP commercialisation, intangible assets, Republic of North Macedonia 2020
11. CREATIVE DISRUPTIONS AND DIGITAL COPYRIGHT REGIME OF AN AFRICAN FILM INDUSTRY: NOLLYWOOD’S PRESENT CONTINUOUS PATH Samuel Samiai Andrews Nollywood, intellectual property, digital copyright, African films, creative disruption, fourth industrial revolution, artificial intelligence 2020
12. FOUNDATIONS THAT JUSTIFY THE USE OF DISTINCTIVE SIGNS TO GENERATE CONFIDENCE AND TRANSPARENCY IN ELECTRONIC CONTRACTING IN THE CONTEXT OF THE COVID 19 PANDEMIC IN PERU Fernando Augusto Chávez Rosero distinctive signs, electronic procurement, legal security, procurement efficiency, contractual balance, national, and international public policies 2020
13. VACCINE PATENTS IN TIMES OF CRISES: TIME TO RE-EVALUATE THE PATENT BARGAIN? Gowri Nanayakkara patents, COVID-19 vaccine, patent, bargain, justification, quid pro quo 2020
14. PROTECTION OF COPYRIGHT IN THE DIGITAL ENVIRONMENT IN VIET NAM Le Thi Bich Thuy copyright, digital environment, literary and artistic works, Vietnamese law 2020
15. THE ISSUES OF INTERNATIONAL LAW ABOUT PUBLIC HEALTH RELATING TO IP RIGHTS Zhang Naigen international law, public health, intellectual property rights, COVID-19, medical patent, test data, waiver 2020

Volume 10 (2019)

1. The Gatekeeper Doctrines: Originality and Authorship in Australia in the Age of Artificial Intelligence Dilan Thampapillai artificial intelligence, authorship, originality, copyright, Australia, IceTV, Phone Directories 2019
2. Protecting Industrial Designs in the Commonwealth Caribbean: A Critical Analysis Jason Haynes registered design, unregistered design, commonplace, novelty, originality 2019
3. IP Regulations and Environmental Agreements: An Overview of the Brazilian Green Patents Service Ana Paula Gomes Pinto Brazil; patent; procedure; fast-track; environmentally sound technologies; EST; climate change. 2019
4. Valorization of Local Products Through the Protection of Geographical Indications in Burkina Faso: Opportunities and Challenges Habraham Somda geographical indications, valorization, local products, labelling. 2019
5. Arbitration of Intellectual Property Disputes in Ethiopia: Exploring the Legal and Institutional Gaps Roza Siyum Getachew intellectual property rights, trademark, copyright, arbitration, IP dispute, IP dispute arbitration 2019
6. Monsanto’s BT Cotton Patent, Indian Courts and Public Policy Ghayur Alam Bt. cotton, patent eligible subject matter, nucleic acid sequence, plant, public policy, revocation of patent, seed, TRIPS. 2019
7. Protecting Traditional Knowledge in Kenya: Traditional Justice Systems as Appropriate Sui Generis Systems Francis Kariuki traditional knowledge, traditional justice systems, sui generis systems, intellectual property, Kenya 2019
8. Liberian Music Industry Dilemma Finley Y. Karngar Liberian music, right balance, artificial intelligence, online music, Liberia Intellectual Property Office, collective society, Liberian Musicians’ Union 2019
9. WTO TRIPS Agreement: A Hindrance to the Economic Development of Least Developed Countries? The Case of Malawi and Rwanda Misheck Banda TRIPS Agreement, TRIPS flexibilities, Least Developed Countries, transition period, developing countries 2019
10. The Interface between Intellectual Property Rights and Competition Law: Legal Development in Malaysia Khadijah Mohamed abuse of dominant position, anti-competitive agreements, intellectual property rights and competition law interface, legal development, monopoly 2019
11. Challenges and Opportunities for the Generic Pharmaceutical Industry in the USMCA Ana Guadalupe Castellanos Enciso USMCA, intellectual property, patents, Mexican pharmaceutical industry, generics. 2019
12. Regulation of Collective Management Organisations in South Africa Desmond Osaretin Oriakhogba copyright, CMOs, needletime, non-needletime, regulation, South Africa 2019
13. Paving the Way for the Filtering Obligation in China: Incorporating with Safe Harbour and Fair Use Di Liu filtering obligation, notice and takedown, fair use, platform economy, algorithmic copyright enforcement. 2019
14. Issues and Challenges for the Protection of Genetic Resources and Traditional Knowledge: the Korean Experience Myung-Hyun Chung genetic resource, traditional knowledge, WIPO IGC, Nagoya Protocol, indigenous people 2019
15. The Evolution of Russia’s IP System Darya Soldatenko IP legislation, Russian patent system, IP, economic development 2019
16. Trademark Disputes Under Franchise Law in Saudi Arabia Abdulrahman S. Aldossary trademark; franchise; contracts; entrepreneurs; licensing; intellectual property 2019
17. Introduction of the Regime of National Exhaustion of Trademark Rights in Serbia: Emerging Competition Policy Concern Novak Vujicic trademark, exhaustion of intellectual property rights, parallel imports, competition policy, intellectual property policy, Serbia 2019
18. Consequences of the Accession of the Republic of Uzbekistan To the Phonograms Convention Ilkhom Khamidov and Madina Tursunova Phonograms Convention; Uzbekistan; phonograms; producers of phonograms; collective management; copyright; related rights 2019

Volume 9 (2) (African Edition) (2018)

Integrating IP, innovation, transfer of technology and licensing in Kenya and Africa Ben Sihanya Technology transfer, Licensing, Kenya, Africa 2018 - African
Regulation of technology transfer agreements in Ethiopia in light of the WTO framework Biruk Haile Technology transfer, developing countries, regulation, restrictive agreements, new international economic order, globalization, North, South 2018 - African
Teaching of indigenous knowledge: a tool for curriculum transformation & africanisation Amos Saurombe indigenous knowledge (IK), curriculum transformation, Africanisation, decolonization, Ubuntu, African knowledge systems 2018 - African
Scholarship & teaching of intellectual property & innovation in Kenya and Africa Ben Sihanya 2018 - African
African continental free trade area agreement: the envisaged phase ii-IP aspect Sheila Mavis Nyatlo trade agreements, intellectual property, transfer of technology, WIPO, WTO, ARIPO, PAIPO 2018 - African
Trade agreements in Africa: implications for trade and development policy Moses Nkomo Bilateral trade agreements, regional trade agreements, trade policy, development policy 2018 - African
The IP dimension of bilateral and regional trade agreements in Africa Henry Kibet Mutai Regional Integration, Tripartite Free Trade Area, Intellectual Property, Harmonization, Patents, Trademarks, Copyright 2018 - African
Pharmaceutical transition period for LDCs on TRIPS implementation: case of Malawi William Maulidi TRIPS, extensions, transition period, LDCs, pharmaceuticals, intellectual property 2018 - African
Intellectual property and public health in Africa: Botswana case study Jimcall Pfumorodze access to medicines, Botswana, intellectual property, patent law, TRIPS flexibilities 2018 - African
The impact of patent linkage on access to medicine: the current situation in Egypt Fatma S Abdel Salam evergreening, patent linkage, Egypt, generic medicine, developing countries 2018 - African
SADC procurement of patented essential medicines after TRIPS Article 31bis Lonias Ndlovu Essential medicines, compulsory licenses, Procurement, SADC, TRIPS Article 31bis 2018 - African
TRIPS flexibilities and the evolution of the mozambican industrial property system Télio Murrure Industrial Property System, TRIPS, Flexibilities, Adoption, Implementation, compulsory licenses 2018 - African
Utilization of industrial designs and utility models in Africa: a case study of Kenya Rose Adhiambo Mboya intellectual property, utility models, industrial designs, utilization, Kenya 2018 - African
Copyright in image capturing and right of subsequent use: copyright law reform Abdulwasiu Ojo Akorede Yusuff Celebrity, Copyright, Digital Revolution, Photograph, Privacy, Publicity, Rights 2018 - African
Digital copyright issues in Moroccan scientific research and higher education Khalid Chaouch Copyright, IP, Morocco, Digital, Higher Education, Scientific Research, Academia 2018 - African
Beijing treaty on audiovisual performances: a panacea for traditional rights holders? Caroline Joelle Nwabueze Beijing Treaty – audiovisual performances – traditional cultural expressions – traditional rights holders – control – access – use – intellectual property 2018 - African
Geographical indications as a source of LDC competiveness: cases of Zambia and Mozambique Chanda Ashley Mwali Geographical Indications, TRIPS Agreement, Protection, Product differentiation, Enforcement, standards 2018 - African
Geographical indications as a tool for enhancing the Ethiopian apiculture valuechain Selam Gebrehiwot Apiculture, honey, geographical indications, value chain, rural development 2018 - African
The role of IP education in enhancing pharmaceutical patent quality: the Egyptian experience Eman S. Ibrahim IP Education, Patent Quality, Pharmaceutical, Examination Procedure, Patent Examiner, Egypt 2018 - African
Regulation of biotechnology in Uganda: a necessary evil? Anthony C.K. Kakooza Biotechnology, Genetically Modified Organisms, Food Security 2018 - African
IP and access to medical devices in nigeria: challenges and the legal perspective Temitope O. Oloko Access to Medical Devices, Public Health, Technology transfer 2018 - African

Volume 9 (2018)

1. Challenges for ‘Jamdani Saree’ and ‘Bangladesh Ilish’, the two registered geographical indications from Bangladesh in the post-registration epoch Mahua Zahur geographical indications, registration, Jamdani Saree, Bangladesh Ilish, challenges 2018
2. Intellectual property rights on the internet: private international law questions in Belarus Elena Leanovich intellectual property rights, Internet, private international law, territoriality of intellectual property, territorial character of intellectual property rights, conflict of laws, ubiquitous infringements, internet service providers. 2018
3. Artificial intelligence and a new cornerstone for authorship Fredy Sánchez Merino artificial intelligence, copyright, e-citizen, intellectual property, originality, rationality, legal personhood 2018
4. Management and commercialization of intellectual property: drawing experience from the Fiji Islands Amit Prakash commercialization, small and medium enterprises, creative industry, Knowledge based capital 2018
5. Branding of intangible cultural heritage for economic development in Indonesia Dina W. Kariodimedjo branding, co-branding, economic development, intangible cultural heritage, intellectual property, Indonesia, Yogyakarta 2018
6. Intellectual property teaching in Iran Mitra Aminlou Intellectual Property Training, IP in Iran, Teaching Intellectual Property 2018
7. Marrakesh treaty: education gateway for the visually impaired students in Kenya Daniel Onyango Odhiambo Marrakesh Treaty; Visually Impaired; Copyright; specialized formats; rights 2018
8. Challenges of traditional knowledge protection in the Central Asian states: perspective and experience of the Kyrgyz Republic Zhyldyz Tegizbekova traditional knowledge, sui generis, local communities, protection, development, the Central Asian States, the Kyrgyz Republic 2018
9. Nigeria copyright reform and digital technology Ifeoma Ann Oluwasemilore Nigeria, Copyright reform, copyright law, international copyright law 2018
10. Plant Breeders’ Rights Act 2016: an overview of Pakistan’s plant variety protection legislation Muhammad Zaheer Abbas Pakistan, TRIPS, UPOV, plant variety, plant breeders, biodiversity, food security, agriculture, farmers’ rights, seed quality 2018
11. Legal protection of videogames in the Americas Aldo Fabrizio Modica Videogames, Americas, legal regime, intellectual property, copyright, adjacent protection 2018
12. Industry-friendly regulation for the development of a sharing economy from the perspective of Chinese copyright law Yong Wan Copyright Law; Copyright Exceptions; Safe Harbors; Sharing Economy; Innovation Policy 2018
13. Artificial intelligence and copyright: the authors’ conundrum Sik Cheng Peng Copyright law; artificial intelligence; authorship; originality; moral rights; duration of copyright 2018
14. A new era in Turkish industrial property law Zehra Özkan Law No. 6769 on Industrial Property, Turkish patent law, Turkish trademark law, Turkish design law, Turkish geographical indications 2018
15. An approach to comprehend the actual Venezuelan trademark system Leonel Salazar Reyes-Zumeta Venezuela, industrial property, trademark system, trademark protection, trademark enforcement 2018
16. The protection of intellectual property rights for pharmaceutical inventions in Vietnam Le Thi Bich Thuy pharmaceutical patents, Vietnamese IP law, public health, access to medicines 2018

Volume 8 (2) (Asian Edition) (2017)

1. The copyright law of Iran: an overview of recent developments Ms Lida Ayoubi copyright law, Iran, copyright reform, copyrights, international copyright law 2017 Asian
2. Reforming intellectual property education in Indian law schools Dr Arpan Banerjee India, IP, teaching, research, National Law Universities. 2017 Asian
3. Cross-border GI protection: challenges and ramifications for Bangladesh Dr Mohamed Towhidul Islam and Mr Masrur Bin Ansari Geographical Indications, TRIPS Agreement, cross-border GI protection, joint registration of GIs, homonymous GIs, sui generis GI registration system, WTO Dispute Settlement Panel. 2017 Asian
4. Managing IP in Sino-US clean energy collaboration – the case of the US-China Clean Energy Research Center Ms Shan Liu and Mr Xiang Yu Intellectual property; sharing; licensing; cross border cooperative innovation; clean energy 2017 Asian
5. The intellectual property dimension of bilateral and regional trade agreements in Asia – implications for trade and development policy Prof. Ida Madieha bt. Abdul Ghani Azmi Bilateral and Regional Trade Agreements, Intellectual Property, Development Policy 2017 Asian
6. IP teaching syllabi inAsia: should more be done? Prof. Ida Madieha bt. Abdul Ghani Az Intellectual property teaching, university courses, syllabi, Asian universities 2017 Asian
7. Reflections on the expansion of intellectual property in bilateral and regional trade agreements Dr Bryan Mercurio patent protection, TRIPS, data protection, patent linkage, BRTA 2017 Asian
8. Study on intellectual property teaching in Viet Nam Mr Phan Quoc Nguyen Intellectual property teaching, courses, syllabi, book, Vietnam 2017 Asian
9. Proving authorship and ownership under Malaysian copyright law Dr Sik Cheng Peng Copyright law; authorship; ownership; presumption of authorship; voluntary notification of copyright 2017 Asian
10. Teaching intellectual property at an engineering university: a perspective from Mongolia Dr Dambadarjaa Purevdorj IP in engineering education, teaching IP to non-law students, academic entrepreneurship, IP as a research tool. 2017 Asian
11. The protection of the performing arts in Indonesia, including the digital age Ms Laina Rafianti Traditional Cultural Expressions, performing arts, performers rights, digital performance 2017 Asian
12. romoting geographical indications for agricultural products in Indonesia Dr. Mas Rahmah geographical indication, food security, agricultural products, Indonesian IP law. 2017 Asian
13. Emerging and enduring issues of trade secrecy - a Sri Lankan perspective Mr Darshana Sumanadasa trade secrets, TRIPS Agreement, Intellectual Property Act of Sri Lanka, preservation of secrecy during the court proceedings, public interest in Sri Lanka. 2017 Asian
14. Harmonization between copyright protection and design patent protection in China Mr Weijun Zhang design; applied art; patent; copyright; duration of protection 2017 Asian

Volume 8 (2017)

1. Thinking outside the box: the legal and non-legal objectives of geographical indications Suelen Carls geographical indications, development, policy, law, Brazil 2017
2. The concept of "global public goods" and its application on patented invention in solving the problem of access to medicines Philibert Baranyanka Internet platform, two-sided market, intellectual property rules, balance of interest, and technology neutrality 2017
3. Intellectual property policy for internet platforms Yang Cao Access to medicines, patents, global public goods, drugs, TRIPS Agreement 2017
4. Counterfeit medicines and enforcement in Egypt Dina El-Sayed counterfeit medicine, IP enforcement, WHO, substandard medicines, DRA, customs IMPACT, INTERPOL, falsified medicines 2017
5. Legal issues faced by small traders related to their trademark registrations in Indonesia Catharina Ria Budiningsih trademark, constitutive system, small traders, commercial court, Actor Sequitur Forum Rei 2017
6. Landscapes in the audiovisual sector in Kenya: constructing a framework for the collective management of rights Stanley Mbugua Njoroge audio-visual, collective management organization, copyright, performances, intellectual property, broadcasting 2017
7. Protection of geographical indications in Nigeria: a legal and policy deficit Solomon Gwom GI protection, geographical indications, Nigeria, protection, economic development. 2017
8. Challenges of intellectual property in the information society Enrico Marcel Huarag Guerrero intellectual property, copyrights, patents, information society, piracy, incentives, rent-seeking, support irrelevance, overprotection, business models, digital content. 2017
9. Traditional knowledge in Samoa: at risk of being lost Aleni Sofara Traditional Knowledge (TK), legal protection, vulnerable, rich heritage, stolen, lost 2017
10. Geo-blocking and virtual private networks: a comparative discourse in copyright law Althaf Marsoof 2017
11. Selected aspects of domain name dispute resolution and rights protection within the new DotAfrica top level domain and the .ZA country code top level domain Eddie Hurter DotAfrica Launch, Domain Name Dispute Resolution, New Generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) Program, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), Rights Protection, .ZA Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD), UDRP, African Union Commission (AUC), ZA Central Registry (ZACR), .ZA Domain Name Dispute Resolution Regulations 2017
12. At the crossroads between competition law and intellectual property: patent settlement agreements in the pharmaceutical sector Hanna Stakheyeva patent settlement agreements, pharmaceuticals, generics, originators, anticompetitive, compulsory licensing, EU, Turkey, sanctions, abuse of dominance, competition law 2017

Volume 7 (2016)

1. Current legal regime of employee invention patents in China Zhongfa Ma employee invention, employee invention patent, ownership, rewards and remuneration, dispute settlement, innovation 2016
2. International obligations regarding technological protection measures and their effects on education: the case of Colombia Marcela Palacio Puerta Colombia, Free Trade Agreement, United States, Technological Protection Measures, Education, Technology, Developing Countries, Internet 2016
3. Implementing a sui generis regime for granting collective rights to legitimate holders of traditional knowledge in Ecuador Catalina Vera Moscoso Traditional Knowledge, Sui Generis protection, proposal, policymakers, efficacy. 2016
4. The protection of "batik" craft under geographical indication: the strategy for developing creative industry in Indonesia Mas Rahmah Geographical Indication, Batik, protection, creative industry, handcraft, Indonesia 2016
5. Using intellectual property rights as loan collateral in Indonesia Selvie Sinaga Intellectual Property Rights, Loan Collateral, Indonesia 2016
6. In the public interest: how Kenya quietly shifted from fair dealing to fair use Victor B. Nzomo copyright; fair dealing; fair use; fairness; Kenya 2016
7. Intellectual property law in Russia: development, problems and perspectives Valeriy N. Lisitsa intellectual property law, results of intellectual activity, means of individualization, intellectual rights, exclusive rights, private international law 2016
8. Legal protection of traditional knowledge: lessons from Southern Africa Gabriel Muzah Traditional Knowledge, policy, legal protection, sui generis protection, Southern Africa 2016
9. Preferential trade agreements, IPR constraints and fair solutions: the case of the European Union-Tunisia trade agreements Sami Rezgui Intellectual Property Rights, Preferential Trade Agreements, Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights, EU -Tunisia Free Trade Agreement, EU-Tunisia Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement 2016
10. Plant variety protection in Uganda: a legal analysis of emerging trends Anthony CK. Kakooza Benefit sharing, Food, Plant variety, Farmers’ rights, Plant Breeders. 2016
11. Well-known trademark protection in Vietnam Phan Ngoc Tam Trademark, well-known trademark, protection, criteria for determination, enforcement, Vietnam, legal system, improvement, globalization 2016

Volume 6 (2015)

1. Specialized courts for intellectual property in Brazil Ms Márcia Maria Nunes de Barros judicial power, competences of Brazilian courts in IP matters, IPRs under Brazilian law 2015
2. Valorization of innovation and research results for social and economic growth in Burkina Faso Dr Mahamadi Tassembedo valorization, research issues, innovation, intellectual property, development, Africa 2015
3. A contextual framework for designing and implementing laws and policies to promote access to medicines in Cambodia Dr Phin Sovath Intellectual property, TRIPS Agreement, flexibilities, public health, compulsory licence, Doha Declaration, August 30 Decision, Paragraph 6 2015
4. Intellectual property protection of clinical trial data Dr Doaa Abdelrahman Clinical trials, works of investigators, new form of intellectual property rights, data protection 2015
5. Enforcement of intellectual property law: some aspects of trade in counterfeit goods in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Dr Katerina Tosevska-Trpcevska enforcement of IP law, goods that violate IPRs, counterfeit goods, WCO Interface Public Members platform, customs seizures, online sale of counterfeit goods 2015
6. Managing copyright in MOOCS: the viability of the teaching exception Dr Ratnaria Wahid MOOC, copyright; online courses; three-step test, teaching exceptions. 2015
7. Establishment of specialized IP courts in Pakistan for the efficient enforcement of intellectual property rights Mr Saad Nusrullah Intellectual property rights (IPRs), enforcement, infringement, counterfeiting, piracy, special courts, and judicial system 2015
8. Parallel imports, trademark law, and agency regulations: legal uncertainty in UAE jurisprudence Dr Bashar Malkawi trademarks law, agency law, parallel imports, exhaustion, trade 2015
9. Why South Africa should introduce patent searches and substantive examinations to improve access to essential medicines Dr Lonias Ndlovu Patent searches, substantive examination, access to medicines, TRIPS flexibilities, essential medicines, generics 2015

Volume 5 (2014)

1. Interaction between patent protection and access to essential medicines – the potential conflict between rights to health and property rights Gustavo Schötz Patents, essential medicines, compulsory licence, principle of proportionality, and rule of law 2014
2. Deficiencies of existing systems for the takedown of copyright infringing content hosted on the internet in Bosnia and Herzegovina and proposed solution Haris Hasic copyright infringement, Internet, hosting, notice and takedown, intermediary, Institute 2014
3. Protection and regulation of highly renowned trademarks - a brief overview of recent developments in Brazilian trademark law Enzo Baiocchi Brazilian trademark law, highly renowned trademarks, protection and regulation 2014
4. The third revision of Chinese trademark law and its impact on foreign companies Zhang Weijun Chinese Trademark Law, trademark, bad-faith trademark registration, trademark infringement, foreign company 2014
5. Protection of traditional knowledge and biodiversity through a higher protection of geographical indications: a review of Colombia's position at the WTO Carolina Vásquez-Arango Geographical indications (GIs), Traditional Knowledge (TK), biodiversity, plant varieties, development, Colombia 2014
6. Protection of traditional knowledge related to biological and genetic resources: examining the access and benefit-sharing regime in Ethiopia Biruk Haile traditional knowledge, access, benefit sharing, prior informed consent, biological and genetic resources, Teff Agreement, local communities, Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) 2014
7. The issue of working of patents and its implications for domestic trade, economic development and technology transfer Prabuddha Ganguli Working, Patents, Form 27, reporting, compulsory licence, Indian, 'non-practising entities' 2014
8. Protection of traditional knowledge and traditional cultural expressions in Kenya Marisella Ouma traditional knowledge, policy, prior informed consent, access, sui generis protection 2014
9. Intellectual property rights and public health: the constitution and practice in Malawi Zolomphi Nkowani 8 Public health, intellectual property rights, TRIPS, SADC, Malawi, and Nkowani 2014
10. The implications for Morocco of the Marrakesh treaty to facilitate access to published works for persons who are blind, visually impaired or otherwise print disabled Khalid Chaouch Marrakesh Treaty to Facilitate Access to Published Works for Persons Who Are Blind, Visually Impaired or Otherwise Print Disabled (VIP) Treaty, Morocco, cross-border, authorized entities, accessible works, format copies 2014
11. Pooled procurement as a panacea for access to medicines in the Southern African Development Community region Amos Saurombe access, medicine, Southern African Development Community, SADC, patents, public health, TRIPS flexibilities, developing countries 2014
12. Improvements in the protection of traditional knowledge in Amazonian countries Zulay Poggi Gonzalez Traditional knowledge, indigenous, legal protection, Amazonian countries 2014

Volume 4 (2013)

1. Fighting piracy in Azerbaijan: a survey and perspective on the current situation Elnur Mammadli intellectual property, copyright, related rights, piracy, intellectual property enforcement, control marks, twinning project 2013
2. Enforcement of intellectual property rights in Special Customs Surveillance Zones of China Zhang Naigen enforcement, intellectual property rights, special customs surveillance zone, anti-counterfeit good, comparison. 2013
3. Re-examining the public interest component of IPRs with special reference to plant breeders’ rights Reem Anwar Ahmed Raslan biotechnology, IPR theory, UPOV, public interest, developing countries 2013
4. Justifications for claiming intellectual property protection in traditional herbal medicine and biodiversity conservation: prospects and challenges Kahsay Debesu Gebray traditional medicinal knowledge, biodiversity, indigenous people, local communities, justifications for IP protection 2013
5. The Indian film industry's battle against piracy: some reflections Arpan Banerjee India, copyright, film, piracy 2013
6. The economic impact of the TRIPS-Plus provision in the Jordan-United States Free Trade Agreement Taleb Awad Warrad 2013
7. Public health and intellectual property rights in the promotion of innovation: a Mongolian perspective Dambadarjaa Purevdorj intellectual property, public health, innovation, entrepreneurship, university-industry collaboration, pharmaceutical patents, commercializing intellectual property rights 2013
8. Intellectual property issues in preferential trade agreements: the optimal model of coordination Tatiana Isachenko intellectual property rights, preferential trade agreements, EurAzEC 2013
9. Intellectual property, competition law and access to pharmaceuticals: the relevance of a 'market approach' to the exercise of intellectual property rights Mor Bakhoum 2013
10. Spain's approaches to the Anglo-American 'fair use' doctrine: do we need to reform the European system of copyright limitations and exceptions? José Juan Castelló-Pastor copyright, limitations and exceptions, Spain, EU Directives, fair use doctrine, three-step test, Google. 2013
11. Integration of modern technologies of intellectual property in public administration Vadym Nersesov public sector, protectable intellectual property, research and development centre, e-government 2013
12. Traditional knowledge as a means of rural economic development in Zambia Ackim Lungu traditional medicine, cultural expressions, commercialization, protection, economic empowerment, rural population, rural incomes 2013

Volume 3 (2012)

1. Domain Name Dispute Resolution and the WTO Agreement on Trade-Related Intellectual Property Rights Celia Lerman domain names, TRIPS Agreement, alternative dispute resolution, ccTLDs, free trade agreements 2012
2. Linking Intellectual Property Rights with Plant Genetic Resources: Myths and Realities for Food Security in Least Developed Countries Such as Bangladesh Mohammad Towhidul Islam intellectual property rights, TRIPS Agreement, Bangladesh, least developed countries, plant genetic resources, plant varieties protection, agriculture, sui generis protection 2012
3. A Brief Note Concerning Pipeline Patents in Brazil Pedro Marcos Nunes Barbosa Brazilian pipeline patents, access to health, unconstitutionality 2012
4. Copyright Law: Impacts on Urban Shaping Plamena Popova copyright law, architecture, urban shaping 2012
5. The Indonesian Plant Varieties Protection Act: the Dilemma of Meeting International and Bilateral Obligations and Protecting Traditional Farmers Nurul Barizah plant-variety protection, international and bilateral commitments, farmers' rights, seed sharing, adat, local varieties and agricultural innovation 2012
6. Enforcing Intellectual Property Rights in Mexico: a Dichotomy between Promoting Competitiveness and the Rule of Law . Luis Ricardo Rodriguez Meneses customs, enforcement, intellectual property, rights 2012
7. Combating Piracy through Effective Regulation of the Printing Industry in Nigeria: Prospects and Challenges Abdulwasiu Ojo Akorede Yusuff copyright, printing, piracy, regulation, enforcement, books 2012
8. Patent Rights and their Economic Impacts: the Case of the Turkish Pharmaceutical Industry Ummuhan Gökovali pharmaceutical sector, TRIPS Agreement, pharmaceutical patents, pharmaceutical firms 2012
9. The America Invents Act of 2011 and the Emerging Public Infostructure of Patents Kali Murray infostructure, circulation, publication, America Invents Act, patent reform, right to information 2012
10. Protection Regime for Well-Known Local Products in Viet Nam Le Thi Thu Ha Viet Nam, well-known local product, intellectual property, geographical indication, certification mark, collective mark 2012

Volume 2 (2011)

1. Law, Economics and Politics of University-Industry Technology Transfer in Argentina Maximiliano Marzetti technology transfer, research and development, innovation, intellectual property, patents, licensing, public policy 2011
2. Fiscal Incentive Provisions - a Pathway from Research and Development and Innovation to Intellectual Property Rights Cristián Gárate research, development, innovation, intellectual property, intangibles, fiscal incentives, taxation 2011
3. Copyright Flexibilities in the Arab Region Bassem Awad copyright flexibilities, Arab countries, access to knowledge 2011
4. Protecting and Revitalizing Traditional Knowledge and Expressions of Culture: for an Equitable Future in Fiji Salvin S. Nand intellectual property rights, traditional knowledge and expression of culture, Pacific Island Countries 2011
5. Challenges to Combatting Piracy and Counterfeiting in Jamaica Natalie G.S. Corthésy piracy, counterfeiting, IPRs in Jamaica, IPR enforcement 2011
6. The Impact of Intellectual Property Rights Protection by Publicly-Financed Research Institutions on Clinical Research: Lessons from South Africa Pamela Andanda clinical research, data sharing, health research, intellectual property, publicly-financed research institutions 2011
7. Regulation of Internet Service Provider Liability: Does it Really Work? Lithuanian Legislation and Court Practice Kristina Janušauskaite IP enforcement, EU Directives, intermediaries, Internet Service Providers, injunctions, commercial scale 2011
8. New Rules on Collective Management of Copyright and Related Rights in Serbia: Work in Progress Dusan Popovic copyright, related rights, collective management organizations, Serbia, tariff, negotiations 2011
9. Copyright Infringement and Educational Exceptions in Thailand: What Should Be the Solution to the Problem of Copyright Infringement in the Thai Education Sector? Noppanun Supasiripongchai copyright, educational exceptions, copyright infringement, copyright collecting society, Thailand 2011

Volume 1 (2010)

1. The criteria for registration of scent trademarks under the Argentine Law on Trademarks and Designations no. 22.362 Mariela Borgarello 2010
2. The protection of pharmaceuticals in Bulgaria in the context of EU competition law Nadia Ianeva 2010
3. The interplay between copyright protection and the expansion of education in Ethiopia Mandefro Eshete 2010
4. The interface between trademarks and domain names - legal challenges in India Poonam Dass 2010
5. The dynamics of the Indonesian plant variety protection system Ranggalawe Suryasaladin Sugiri 2010
6. Geographical indications in Macedonian law Goce Naumovski 2010
7. Legal policy issues in the Malaysian biotechnology industry Nor Ashikin Mohamed Yusof 2010
8. Technology transfer in Latin American countries: a matter of culture and trust Martha Laura López Orúe 2010
9. The strategic action against the piracy (strap) policy in Nigeria Adewole Adisa Adedeji 2010
10. Intellectual property as a tool for economic development in Wales Andrew Beale 2010
11. The under-utilization of TRIPS flexibilities by developing countries: the case of Africa Moses Nkomo 2010