WIPO-WTO Colloquium Papers

The WIPO-WTO Colloquium Papers is a peer-reviewed academic journal, published jointly by the World Intellectual Property Organization and the World Trade Organization each year since 2010. Providing a uniquely representative and diverse showcase for emerging IP scholarship from across the globe, the journal aims to stimulate analysis and debate on intellectual property (IP) issues particularly of interest to developing countries. And it offers an avenue for the dissemination of a broader and more geographically diverse and representative range of scholarship than is common in much of the academic literature on IP law and policy.

Each year, WIPO and the WTO jointly convene a Colloquium for teachers and researchers in the field of IP.  This intensive two-week program draws together established and emerging scholars from across the globe, predominantly from developing countries. Participants present their current research to their peers and are invited to develop and submit their papers for the corresponding annual edition of the Colloquium Papers.  The resulting editions of the journal, published since 2010, have seen contributions from over 130 scholars from 64 countries across the globe.  Responding to the demand for more diverse perspectives, the annual publications are supplemented by regional editions, focusing so far on African and Asian scholarship.

The Editorial Board comprises IP scholars of international repute, emerging IP academics from among colloquium alumni, and senior WIPO and WTO experts. The Board reviews submitted papers for their quality, diversity, contribution to scholarship, and relevance to emerging or contentious issues in the authors’ diverse countries and regions; it also provides guidance on current topics that would be of interest to a wider audience of scholars, analysts, policymakers and the general public.  Over the years, the indispensable work of the Editorial Board and the editors of the Colloquium Papers has established the journal as a trusted, academically sound and readable source of cutting-edge IP scholarship from an impressive group of established and emerging scholars from across the globe.

What’s new?  Volume 12 (2021)

This current edition, the twelfth in the series, presents the best papers from the 2021 WIPO-WTO Colloquium. The authors consider diverse legal, policy and practical challenges posed by the IP system for individual developing countries, together with thoughtful analysis of issues such as open-source drug research and medical innovation, intangible cultural heritage, IP and competition law, management and commercialization of music copyrights, public health and trademarks, IP and the use of technology, and promoting IP awareness.  The range of scholarship and the focus on concrete challenges faced by emerging IP jurisdictions confirm this journal’s distinctive contribution to scholarly discourse, and its unique contribution to building a more geographically inclusive and academically diverse foundation for future research and policy analysis. 

Editorial rules and submission guide

Current Editorial Board

Present Editorial Board members

The following members of the Editorial Board have ensured that the WIPO-WTO Colloquium Papers has maintained its status as a peer-reviewed academic journal that provides a unique outlet for quality scholarship that is globally inclusive and responsive to the contemporary context for the law and policy of intellectual property today.

Frederick M. Abbott
Florida State University
United States

Mor Bakhoum
Université Virtuelle du Sénégal – UVS

Denis Borges Barbosa
Catholic University of Rio de Janiero
and Rio Grande do Sul

Shamnad Basheer
West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences

Joseph Bradley
WIPO Academy
World Intellectual Property Organization

Irene Calboli
Nanyang Technological University

Martha Chikowore
WIPO Academy
World Intellectual Property Organization

Carlos Correa
University of Buenos Aires

Marcelo Di Pietro
WIPO Academy
World Intellectual Property Organization

Sarah Driver
Rhodes University
South Africa

Daniel J. Gervais
Vanderbilt Law School
United States

N. S. Gopalakrishnan
Cochin University of Science and Technology

Yogesh Pai
National Law University, Delhi

Tana Pistorius
University of South Africa
South Africa

Karen Lee Rata
WIPO Academy
World Intellectual Property Organization

Sami Rezgui
University of La Manouba

Sherif Saadallah
WIPO Academy
World Intellectual Property Organization

Antony Taubman
World Trade Organization

Maria de Lourdes Vazquez
San Andres University

Jayashree Watal
World Trade Organization

Xiaoping Wu
World Trade Organization

Past and present journal editors

From the inception of the WIPO-WTO Colloquium Papers as an edited academic journal in 2011, the following editors, assistant editors and copy editors (listed in alphabetical order) have made an indispensable contribution to its production as a carefully edited and presentable publication.

  • Taylor Allan
  • Nishant Anurag
  • Aman Deep Borthakur
  • Karla Brepsant
  • Brittany Burnham
  • Irene Calboli
  • Lee Chedister
  • Harrison Davis
  • Victoria Gonzales
  • Sunil Gu
  • Jonathan Hoffmann
  • Sarah Hoffmann
  • Evangeline Lim
  • Nicole Ann Lim
  • Tumelo Matlwa
  • Mohnish Matthew
  • Maegan McCann
  • Ali Akbar Modabber
  • Kristin Bussell Newby
  • Doruk Onvural
  • Harrison Ottaway
  • Megan Pharis
  • Meghana Sharafudeen
  • Selene Solis
  • Ana Sofia Rosa Mendes Walsh
  • John Yoon
  • Carolinea 'Tobar' Zarate