intellectual property

Legal and interpretive texts

This page provides quick access to the text of the TRIPS Agreement, other intellectual property conventions to which it refers, negotiating documents, and relevant WTO jurisprudence, decisions, and declarations.

Text of the TRIPS Agreement

Other intellectual property conventions referred to in the TRIPS Agreement

TRIPS-related jurisprudence and decisions

Uruguay Round negotiating documents on TRIPS

On 15 May 2006, the General Council decided to make public all official documents issued under the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT). This includes all official documents on TRIPS and other areas of the Uruguay Round negotiations. Information on how to access these documents can be found here.

As an alternative for TRIPS researchers, posted here in response to numerous requests are the official documents on the subject from the 1986ľ94 Uruguay Round trade talks. They give scholars a picture of how the TRIPS Agreement came about. The documents include reports of meetings, other materials compiled by the GATT Secretariat, and communications from participants in the negotiations.

Documents may be downloaded as a bundle in zip files:



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