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17 janvier 2001

Les institutions économiques participantes tiennent un séminaire sur l'intégration du commerce dans le développement

Déclaration de M. Mike Moore

 This expert-based seminar is the first-ever major seminar to be held on the subject of mainstreaming a trade integration agenda into country development and poverty reductions strategies. It is also the first joint activity to be hosted by the six core IF Agencies (ITC, IMF, UNCTAD, UNDP, World Bank, and the WTO).

Although the seminar focuses on least-developed countries (LDCs), the issues raised extend well beyond LDCs to encompass developing and other countries. The integration of trade priority areas of action with country finance and development objectives is directly linked to several core issues featuring in discussions amongst WTO Members, including i) the implementation of WTO commitments and obligations as well as the exercise of rights and use of opportunities; ii) the efficient delivery of trade-related technical assistance within a coherent and programmed inter-agency policy framework; and iii) the development ends of trade reform and further multilateral trade liberalization.

Trade is one component of a policy framework for growth, poverty reduction and development. Trade must be part of the equation, but it is only a part of that framework. Sound macroeconomic policies, debt reduction, capacity building and good governance are critical to any programme of development and poverty reduction. These issues fall outside the WTO mandate but are within the competence of other international organizations including WTO partners in the integrated framework. Governments and officials from these organizations believe a co-ordinated programme of support from these agencies offers the world's poorest countries the opportunity better address their development and poverty reduction needs.