WTO news: what’s been happening in the WTO

1995 Press Releases

13.12.95 Election of WTO Chairpersons for 1996
03.12.95 Swearing-in ceremony of Appellate Body members completes institutional structure of WTO - says Director General Renato Ruggiero
12.12.95 Statement of Ambassador Dr. Mounir Zahran, Chairman of the GATT 1947 Contracting Parties to the closing session, Geneva, 12.12.95
12.12.95 No alternative to new initiatives in trade liberalization Director-General pays tribute to role of GATT
08.12.95 Low stocks and reduced subsidies to sustain firm dairy prices, says WTO report
08.12.95 Good beginning to Uruguay Round implementation, says WTO Director General
01.12.95 Overview of developments in international trade and the trading system
29.11.95 WTO announces appointments to Appellate Body
23.11.95 European Union provides financial backing for seminars on Uruguay Round results
20.11.95 Economic globalization increases impact of national competition policies on international trade - says Renato Ruggiero
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02.11.95 High rates of world trade growth continue to outstrip output growth
25.10.95 WTO membership reaches 110
23.10.95 Statement by Renato Ruggiero on the "Quad" meeting
18.10.95 WTO Dairy Council suspends minimum export prices for all dairy products
16.10.95 Growing complexity in international economic relations demands broadening and deepening of multilateral trading system - WTO Director-General
13.10.95 Multilateralism is fundamental to US-led strategy for global stability and prosperity - WTO Director-General
06.10.95 High-level meeting of the Negotiating Group on Basic Telecommunications
03.10.95 Next great challenge facing WTO governments is liberalization of trade in telecommunications, says Ruggiero
29.09.95 Norway provides $2.5 million to launch a WTO fund for least-developed countries
26.09.95 Ruggiero inaugurates WTO information service on the Internet
14.09.95 "The WTO Dispute Settlement Procedures" - a new publication
28.08.95 Second WTO Trade Policy Course opens in Geneva
28.07.95 Financial Services Agreement confirmed; statement by the Chairman
26.07.95 WTO Director-General hails financial services accord
03.07.95 Mr. Chulsu Kim assumes WTO Deputy Director-General post
22.06.95 Members of the WTO Multilateral Trading System must respect it and use it properly - says Director-General Ruggiero
31.05.95 WTO adds 10 new Members as General Council approves schedules for goods and services
19.05.95 WTO Special Course for officials from Eastern and Central European and Central Asian countries
27.04.95 Special WTO Course for officials from Belarus, the Russian Federation and Ukraine
18.04.95 No evidence of polarization of world trade among three "blocs" and no clash between world and regional trade systems - says new WTO report
24.03.95 Renato Ruggiero formally appointed Director-General of the WTO
10.03.95 Lower EC exports stabilize world meat markets
31.01.95 Members of the WTO General Council
31.01.95 Election of WTO Chairpersons



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