Special events on development

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  • Geneva Week V, 4-8 November
    The fifth information week for non-resident WTO members.

  • Three agencies meet on trade assistance for Africa
    The WTO, UNCTAD and the International Trade Centre, on 11 to 13 September 2002, discussed the progress of the Joint Integrated Technical Assistance Programme (JITAP) for eight African countries. Officials from the African partner countries and representatives from the donor governments attended the meeting.

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  • Transition economy members can enjoy prosperity and peace, Moore tells ministers, 11 June 2002
    WTO membership and trade liberalization foster prosperity, stability and peace, Director-General Mike Moore told a WTO Ministerial Trade Conference for Central and South East Europe in Zagreb, 11 June 2002.

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  • WTO organizes first WTO ministerial trade conference for Central Asia and Caucasus, 21 May 2002
    Central Asian and Caucasus countries face challenges and opportunities in integrating into the multilateral trading system. This is the focus of discussions at a ministerial-level trade conference in Tbilisi, Georgia, 21 and 22 May 2002.

    Press release     Mr. Moore's speech
    Final report (in Word format)
  • Geneva Week IV, 21-26 April
    The fourth information week for non-resident WTO members.
  • Seminar on electronic commerce, 22 April
    Seminar on revenue implications of e-commerce.
  • International Conference on financing for development, Monterrey, Mexico, 18-22 March
    A Conference held in conformity with UN General Assembly resolutions to examine possibilities for financing development in developing and least-developed countries. Participants included Heads of governments, and representatives from international organizations, NGOs and the business society.
  • Pledging Conference, 11 March
    A Conference aimed at securing funds to enhance technical assistance and capacity-building to help developing countries participate more actively in the Doha Development Agenda.


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  • Geneva Week III, 10-14 September
    The third information week for non-resident WTO members.


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  • Meeting of African trade ministers in Libreville (opens in new window), 13-15 November
    More than 50 African trade ministers met to discuss how the continent could participate more fully and maximize benefits in the WTO. Organized by the Government of Gabon in collaboration with the WTO Secretariat.

  • Geneva Week II, 21–27 October
    The second information week for non-resident WTO members.
  • Seminar on small economies, 21 October
    A seminar on problems specific to small economies held under the auspices of the Committee on Trade and Development. A number of such economies have been seeking special recognition for problems related to vulnerability
  • Seminar on implementation, 26 June
    A seminar on implementation of Uruguay Round Agreements held under the auspices of the Committee on Trade and Development. Members exchanged views on their experience with implementation of various WTO Agreements.
    > Summary report, see Annex I (download the summary report in MS Word format, 51 pages, 264KB)
  • Seminar on special and differential treatment for developing countries, 7 March
    Organized by the WTO to explore different facets of special and differential treatment, outside of a negotiating context.


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  • Geneva Week I, 1-5 November
    The first information week for non-resident WTO members.

  • The WTO-World Bank Conference on Developing Countries and the Millenium Round (opens in new window), 20-21 September
    A joint WTO-World Bank conference focused on issues in the built-in agenda (agriculture, services and aspects of TRIPS), issues of implementation of the WTO Agreements, and other aspects of the WTO work programme.
  • High Level Symposium on Trade and Development, 17–18 March
    A high level symposium on trade and development to which were invited government delegates, academics and non-government organizations.
  • Seminar on Electronic Commerce and Development, 19 February
    The WTO organized a seminar on electronic commerce focusing specifically on two themes: “Potential of electronic commerce for businesses in developing countries” and “Infrastructure and regulatory issues at the government level”.

> Summary report (Download in MS Word format, 23 pages, 119KB)


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  • High Level Meeting on Least-Developed Countries, 27-28 October
    A High-Level Meeting of six inter-governmental agencies, trade ministers from 38 least-developed countries (LDCs) and delegates from other WTO and UNCTAD member governments endorsed a trade assistance programme designed to help LDCs increase their ability to trade.

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