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Outstanding Issues in Agriculture and Impacts on Farm Policies



Tuesday 26 September
16:30 - 18:00 — Room W


International Federation of Agricultural Producers (IFAP)



Documents associated with this session


  • Opening Address: Jack Wilkinson — President of IFAP and
  • David King — IFAP Secretary General

Panel of the leaders of the main negotiating groups:

  • H.E. Bruce GOSPER — WTO Ambassador, Australia (Cairns Group)
  • H.E. Samuel AMEHOU — WTO Ambassador, Benin (LDCs)
  • H.E. Clodoaldo HUGUENEY — WTO Ambassador, Brazil (G-20)
  • H.E. Carlo TROJAN — WTO Ambassador, European Communities
  • H.E. Ujal Singh BHADIA — WTO Ambassador, India
  • H.E. Ichiro FUJISAKI — WTO Ambassador, Japan (G-10)
  • H.E. Peter ALLGEIER — WTO Ambassador, USA

Panel of leaders from farmers’ organizations:

  • Peter Gaemelke — Vice-President of IFAP; President Danish Agricultural Council
  • Ajay Vashee — Vice-President of IFAP, Chair of the Southern African Confederation of Agricultural Unions (Zambia)
  • Fernando Lopez — Chair IFAP Latin American and the Caribbean’s Farmers Committee
  • Sutrisno Iwantono — Chair Advocacy Centre for Indonesian Farmers
  • Robert Friesen — President of the Canadian Federation of Agriculture
  • Closing remarks: H.E. Crawford Falconer — Chairman of the Special Session of the WTO Committee on Agriculture, WTO Ambassador, New Zealand


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