29 September 2006

Reports out on biotech disputes

The WTO, on 29 September 2006, issued the reports of the panel that had examined complaints by the United States, Canada and Argentina, respectively, against “European Communities — Measures affecting the approval and marketing of biotech products” (DS291, DS292 and DS293).

Download the panel report:
> Just the findings and conclusions in pdf format (21 pages, 113KB)

In Word format:
Panel report (Part I) (160 pages, 1379KB)
Panel report (Part II) (139 pages, 1104KB)
Panel report (Part III) (95 pages, 769KB)
Panel report (Part IV) (81 pages, 722KB)
Panel report (Part V) (268 pages, 1810KB)
Panel report (Part VI) (175 pages, 1297KB)
Panel report (Part VII) (200 pages, 1515KB)
Panel report (Part VIII) (21 pages, 362KB)

Corrigendum: Panel report (Part VIII) (1 page, 41KB)

Annex A-A1 (3 pages, 87KB)
Annex A2 (2 pages, 71KB)
Annex A3 (2 pages, 68KB)
Annex B (54 pages, 652KB)
Annex C-C2 (Add 1)  (13 pages, 102KB)
Annex D-D3 (Add 2) (87 pages, 642KB)
Annex D4 (Add 2) (78 pages, 502KB)
Annex E-E4 (Add 3) (17 pages, 126KB)
Annex F-F6 (Add 4) (109 pages, 838KB)
Annex F7 (Add 4) (82 pages, 545KB)
Annex G-G7 (Add 5) (18 pages, 128KB)
Annex H (Add 6) (256 pages, 1745KB)
Annex I-I2 (Add 7) (79 pages, 504KB)
Annex I3 (Add 7) (117 pages, 671KB)
Annex I4 (Add 7) (197 pages, 1242KB)
Annex J (Add 8) (171pages, 931KB)
Annex K (Add 9) (5 pages, 55KB)

In pdf format:
Panel report (Part I) (160 pages, 894KB)
Panel report (Part II) (139 pages, 888KB)
Panel report (Part III) (95 pages, 606KB)
Panel report (Part IV) (81 pages, 578KB)
Panel report (Part V) (268 pages, 1762KB)
Panel report (Part VI) (175 pages, 1103KB)
Panel report (Part VII) (200 pages, 1301KB)
Panel report (Part VIII) (21 pages, 113KB)

Corrigendum: Panel report (Part VIII) (1 page, 11KB)

Annex A-A1 (3 pages, 16KB)
Annex A2 (2 pages, 21KB)
Annex A3 (2 pages, 17KB)
Annex B (54 pages, 195KB)
Annex C-C2 (Add 1)  (13 pages, 59KB)
Annex D-D3 (Add 2) (87 pages, 491KB)
Annex D4 (Add 2) (78 pages, 470KB)
Annex E-E4 (Add 3) (17 pages, 82KB)
Annex F-F6 (Add 4) (109 pages, 679KB)
Annex F7(Add 4) (82 pages, 487KB)
Annex G-G7 (Add 5) (18 pages, 78KB)
Annex H (Add 6) (256 pages, 1620KB)
Annex I-I2 (Add 7) (79 pages, 467KB)
Annex I3(Add 7) (117 pages, 614KB)
Annex I4 (Add 7) (197 pages, 1229KB)
Annex J (Add 8) (171 pages, 797KB)
Annex K (Add 9) (5 pages, 29KB)

> Summary of the case DS291
> Summary of the case DS292
> Summary of the case DS293


In Zip format:
> Full panel report (Word documents)
> Full panel report (pdf documents)