Selected by the WTO Secretariat from across the world, the interns are government officials working on trade-related matters. Priority is given to Sub-Saharan Africa, LDCs, small and vulnerable economies (SVEs), countries with small permanent missions in Geneva, acceding governments and recently acceded WTO members.

“I thank France, Ireland, and the Netherlands for the generous contributions of their countries that make it possible every year for the WTO to continue with these important capacity-building initiatives”, DDG Zhang said in his opening remarks. Welcoming the interns, he encouraged them to “observe, listen, learn, contribute, develop your autonomy and network with as many colleagues as possible.”

French-Irish Mission Internship Programme

A total of 22 interns are participating in this year's edition of the French-Irish Mission Internship Programme funded by France and Ireland. The programme seeks to build sustainable trade-related capacity in beneficiary countries by allowing government officials to participate in WTO activities in Geneva. The interns work in their respective permanent missions in Geneva and can represent their countries at WTO meetings. Priority is given to the permanent missions of LDCs and SVEs.

France's WTO Permanent Representative, Etienne Oudot de Dainville said: “France is proud to be contributing to this programme, which helps developing countries implement their WTO commitments and participate more effectively in current and future negotiations. It is fully in line with the technical assistance mandate contained in the 2001 Doha Ministerial Declaration.”

Ireland's WTO Ambassador, Noel White, said: “Ireland’s support for the Mission Internship Programme demonstrates our commitment to strengthened participation of LDCs and small, vulnerable, economies in international trade through the work of the WTO.”

Netherlands Trainee Programme

A total of 17 interns are participating in the 2023 edition of the Netherlands Trainee Programme. Funded by the government of the Netherlands, the programme aims to build capacities in beneficiary countries by providing government officials with an opportunity to develop their expertise on the WTO and the multilateral trading system.

Congratulating the trainees on their selection for the programme, the Netherlands' WTO Deputy Permanent Representative, Marcel Vernooij, said: “You have been given the chance of a lifetime to further your own interests and those of your country. We hope the gained expertise will assist your country in making global trade work as an engine for sustainable economic growth and job creation. I hope you will have a good experience and a successful traineeship”.

The ceremony was attended by WTO ambassadors and representatives from the countries participating in the programmes.


Country LDC Gender Family Name First Name
Angola YES F ANTÓNIO Bartolomeu Neto
Bangladesh YES F ZABEEN S.M.Sumaiya
Cameroon NO M ABAZE NGO'O Samuel Armand
Comoros YES M ZAINOUDINE Ahamada
Djibouti YES F SAID WABERIE Kaltoum
Kyrgyz Republic NO F SEIDIBAKASOVA Aiperi
Lao People's Dem. Rep. YES F PHETCHANTHARATH Chinsouda
Liberia YES M BENJAMIN LordErnest
Madagascar YES F RASAMIZANAKA Finiavana Mirindra
Namibia NO F KATEPE Justina Ndahafa
Papua New Guinea NO M KANDU Paul
Rwanda YES M KARANGWA Cassien
Samoa NO M ENOKA Maselino
Senegal YES F GUEYE Ndeye Magatte
Sierra Leone YES M BARRY Magona
Tajikistan NO M SHARIFOV Siyovash
Tanzania YES M SONGORWA Makaya
The Gambia YES M MENDY David
Togo YES M MAWUGNA Koakou Agbeko
Zambia YES F MWELWA Joreen
Bhutan YES M DORJI Sonam Tshering
Burkina Faso YES F OUEDRAOGO Salamata
Cambodia YES M TENG Chivon
Côte d'Ivoire NO M KOUASSI David
Ecuador NO F CARRIÓN RAMÍREZ Yovana Alejandra
Gabon NO F PEMBA NGOMA Pierricka
Kenya NO F MITEI Rose
Mauritania YES M BA Ibrahima
Nepal YES F NEPAL Prabritti
Nigeria NO F ASIKPATA Naomi
Pakistan NO M RASOOL Yousaf
Timor-Leste YES M AMARAL GODINHO de ARAUJO Francisco
Tonga NO F ALIPATE Esterlina
Uzbekistan NO M ALIEV Alijon





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