Trainee programmes and internships

The Netherlands Trainee Programme (NTP) brings selected government officials from least-developed countries (LDCs), low-income countries and comparable poor small and vulnerable economies to undertake a ten-month internship in the WTO Secretariat. This assists the economic and social development of these countries by helping government officials improve their understanding of various aspects of the WTO work programme. Under the terms of the programme, particular consideration is given to African country officials.

The WTO regional coordinator internship programme (RCI) provides support to the mission of TA beneficiary Members selected to coordinate a WTO regional grouping, provided that the Member is eligible for TA from the WTO. The programme enables selected interns to be based in the mission of a regional coordinator for the period of the coordination mandate and to a maximum of one year.

The French and Irish Mission Internship Programme (FIMIP) was developed to provide support for the Geneva-based missions of developing or LDC countries, which have demonstrated a need for such support, through the placement of an official from capital at the selected county Mission in Geneva. Over a ten-month period, the selected candidates work in their country's respective WTO Mission and can represent their country in the various bodies of the WTO.

The WTO Accessions Internship Programme (AIP), under China's LDCs and Accessions Programme, aims to help young professionals from LDCs and developing countries increase their understanding of the WTO agreements and the WTO work programme. Over a six-month period, the interns are based either in the Accessions Division or other divisions of the WTO Secretariat relevant to their area of interest. They are expected to assist the divisions in their normal work.

The WTO Young Professionals Programme (YPP) targets qualified young professionals with graduate degrees in areas relevant to the WTO rather than government officials.  Recruitment for the YPP is through a competitive process and is based on merit. Priority is given to young professionals from eligible LDCs and developing countries with no or low professional representation (with only one professional staff) in the Secretariat. The programme aims to widen the pool of professionals from under-represented WTO Members, and to make the YPs more competitive for recruitment in the WTO and/or other regional and international organizations.