An Advanced Guide to Trade Policy Analysis
The Structural Gravity Model

Yoto V. Yotov, Roberta Piermartini, José-Antonio Monteiro and Mario Larch

“An Advanced Guide to Trade Policy Analysis: The Structural Gravity Model” outlines one of the most successful tools for the analysis of trade policy and provides practical guidance on how to apply this tool to trade policy making. Co-published by the WTO and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), the book is a follow-up to “A Practical Guide to Trade Policy Analysis” published in 2012.

This advanced guide is part of a book series which aims to help researchers and policy makers enhance their understanding of economic methods and data sources for trade policy analysis. Written in collaboration with academics, each book is premised on the fact that good policy making needs to be backed up by good analysis

The gravity model is one of the most popular frameworks in economics. Hundreds of papers have used the gravity model to study and quantify the effects of various factors on international trade. This book guides the reader through the challenges of applying the model and provides recommendations on how to obtain reliable partial and general equilibrium estimates for the effects of trade policy. 

The book has been written by experts who have rich practical experience in this field. It is aimed at government experts engaged in trade negotiations as well as graduate students and researchers involved in trade-related study or research.

This advanced guide combines analytical tools with applications and exercises that can be downloaded free of charge.

Co-published by the WTO and UNCTAD.

Published in 2016.



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