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Economic research and analysis

Two broad categories of research and analysis material are produced by the WTO: regular assessments of the global trade picture in the WTO annual publications and research reports on specific topics. The WTO also organizes regular economic seminars.

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World Trade Report 2014
The main WTO research publication on global trade policy, with special topics, analysis, and new developments.

International Trade Statistics 2014
The WTO's annual compilation of global trade statistics.

World Tariff Profiles 2014
An annual compilation of bound and applied tariffs, prepared by the WTO, ITC and UNCTAD.

Trade profiles 2014
This booklet is a quick source for national and trade statistics of WTO Members and countries which are in the process of negotiating WTO membership.

Services Profiles 2014
Services Profiles 2014 provides key statistics on “infrastructure services”, i.e. transportation, telecommunications, finance and insurance, for some 150 economies.


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Special studies

The purpose of the special studies of the Economic Research and Statistics Division is to use economics and economic research in order to help structure the discussion of issues of relevance to the WTO.

WTO discussion papers

These papers prepared by WTO professionals and contributors from organizations which work with the WTO are meant to stimulate discussion on specific issues dealing with the multilateral trading system. They are reviewed by the WTO for the quality of their content but the opinions expressed are those of the authors.

WTO working papers

These working papers represent research in progress. They reflect the opinions of the authors, and are the product of professional research. They do not necessarily represent the Secretariat’s view but are circulated as part of the critical review that is necessary to ensure WTO research meets high academic standards.


Support Programme for Doctoral Studies

The WTO assists doctoral students from developing countries to conduct advanced research for the final stage of their thesis at the WTO for periods between three and six months, and to provide them with mentoring/advice in close collaboration with the students' academic supervisors. Applications are currently open for 2015.


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> International Trade Statistics 2014
> World Tariff Profiles 2014
> Trade profiles 2014
> Services Profiles 2014
> World Trade Report 2014: “Trade and development: recent trends and the role of the WTO”
> Supply Chain Perspectives and Issues: A Literature Review
> Global Value Chains in a Changing World
> A Practical Guide to Trade Policy Analysis


IMF/World Bank/WTO Trade Workshop : (6-7 November 2014)

Book launch: Connecting to Global Markets - Challenges and Opportunities: Case Studies Presented by WTO Chair Holders: (11 February 2014)

Future of the World Trading System: Asian perspectives: (11-12 March 2013)

Dialogue on the economic and development implications of the Doha Round (22 March 2010)

Conferences organized by the Graduate Institute’s Centre for Trade and Economic Integration and the WTO

Climate Change, Trade and Competitiveness: Issues for the WTO  (16-18 June 2010)

Workshop on New Era Preferential Trade Agreements (4 November 2010)


> Spring 2015 programme
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World Trade Report 2014
World Trade Report 2013
World Trade Report 2012
World Trade Report 2011
World Trade Report 2010


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