Dispute Settlement Reports 2012

The Dispute Settlement Reports of the World Trade Organization include Panel and Appellate Body reports, as well as arbitration awards, in disputes concerning the rights and obligations of WTO Members under the provisions of the Marrakech Agreement.

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An essential addition to the library of all practising and academic trade lawyers, and needed by students worldwide taking courses in international economic or trade law. The date of each volume corresponds to the date in which the dispute was resolved. These are the only WTO authorized and paginated reports, available in English only.

Published in 2014

Volumes I,II and III

  • United States — Measures Affecting Trade in Large Civil Aircraft (Second Complaint) (WT/DS353

Volume IV

  • United States — Measures Concerning the Importation, Marketing and Sale of Tuna and Tuna Products (WT/DS381)

Volumes V and VI

  • United States — Certain Country of Origin Labelling (COOL) Requirements (WT/DS384, WT/DS386)

Volumes VII and VIII

Volume VIII

Volume IX

  • European Union — Anti-Dumping Measures on Certain Footwear from China (WT/DS405)

Volume X

  • China — Certain Measures Affecting Electronic Payment Services (WT/DS413)

Volume XI

  • United States — Measures Affecting the Production and Sale of Clove Cigarettes (WT/DS406)

Volume XII:

  • China — Countervailing and Anti-Dumping Duties on Grain Oriented Flat-Rolled Electrical Steel from the United States (WT/DS414)

Volume XIII

  • United States — Anti-Dumping Measures on Certain Shrimp and Diamond Sawblades from China (WT/DS422)