The Doha Round Texts and Related Documents

The Doha Round texts and related documents brings together the principal documents agreed by WTO member governments at important stages before and during the trade negotiations that were launched by the Doha Ministerial Conference in November 2001.

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Included are:

  • Before Doha — Relevant provisions in the 1994 Uruguay Round agreements setting up negotiations that would eventually become part of the Doha Round, and other documents

  • At Doha — The Doha Declaration and other texts

  • After Doha — Various key documents including the 2004 “frameworks” and the 2005 Hong Kong Ministerial Declaration

  • After Doha — Follow-up decisions on intellectual property and public health, although not part of the Doha Round

This booklet replaces an earlier publication, Doha Declarations.

Published in 2009

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