15 Years of the Information Technology Agreement Trade, innovation and global production networks

To mark the 15th anniversary of the Information Technology Agreement (ITA), this publication charts the history of the Agreement and the effect it has had on the global trade in information technology (IT) products. Details of the latest trends in IT trade and discussions on the future of the ITA make this publication a useful source of information for government officials and policy-makers as well as academics, students and all those involved in the IT sector.

The publication charts the signing of the ITA Ministerial Declaration, in Singapore, in December 1996, the formation of the ITA Committee and the role played by the private sector in establishing this agreement. As well as examining the products covered by the ITA, the publication looks at how the Agreement is implemented, and the impact it has had on trade opening and innovation. The publication also analyses how the development of global production networks has affected IT trade. It concludes with an assessment of the opportunities for developing countries and the future of the ITA.

The publication provides a list of all ITA participants and the dates that they joined, along with the latest data on the IT sector — including a world export list of products covered by the Agreement.


Published in 2012

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